The reluctant fundamentalist by mohsin hamid

Despite his education and the prestige of his career, he's lonely as any Pakistani immigrant in New York. At first, I thought "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" was a book about a radicalized extremest. Sarah Short My first smile today He too likes the gold-medal treatment.

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Sarah Short My first smile today All in all, it's a fast read, enjoyable for its humour, but nothing much apart from that, and it doesn't require of you to think much before you have finished reading the slender novella.

About my reaction to it: So much runs through the narrator's mind that shows how suspicion warps your perspective, and how distrust and war drives the distrust level to eleven.

But, while Hamid's attempt at constructing an allegorical narrative is interesting, it is hardly intrusive enough to lend the story any kind of depth.

The book hurtles forward giving you the expectation that it will explain how the main character's trajectory changes, but it doesn't give much. I noticed that you were looking for something; more than looking, in fact you seemed to be on a mission, and since I am both a native of this city and a speaker of your language, I thought I might offer you my services. Changez a moshin muslim, confident, achiever, confused, looking for acceptance, searching for identity, guilty of abandoning family, trying to define his patriotism, enjoying the fruits of his labor - all his layers come through with such clarity.

Kindle Editionpages.

So I was not troubled by the contradictions in the character. His writing has been featured on bestseller fundaamentalist, adapted for the cinema, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, selected as winner or finalist of twenty awards, and translated into thirty-five languages. Clearly, Changez has a mind of his own and feels a deep sense of attachment to his motherland Pakistan.

So begins the The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid; a great opening paragraph which catches your eye and which in fact made me purchase this book. Lists with This Book. But the novel ends without revealing what was in his pocket, leaving the reader to wonder if the stranger was a CIA agent, possibly there to kill Changez, or if Changez, in collusion with the waiter from the cafe, had planned all along to do harm to the American. I see in your grip on the book and the way your eyes exuded enthusiasm when you saw the new cover, that you like to buy books.

While it is clear there is extreme emotion just under the surface, thr notion of any real threat remains uncertain. You come to resent the unforgiving firm you work at with its U.

There's no grand political justification here, no sudden acceptance of Islam or jihad. View all 12 comments. Many duplicates with wrong information. We should be feeling for our poor protagonist, but I was only feeling bored.

The empire strikes back

This is not a good book and yet it was compelling, I can't deny it, a smooth, snaky insinuating monologue which in retrospect and often in real-time spect is a ridiculous tissue of allegory, you've seen all this in other reviews but it's all horribly true - our reluctant hero's name is Changez - that's right Ch-ch-ch-changez to you! In my sleepy state I assumed that something was wrong with the plane and was about to panic when my husband told me the rest of the captain's message. But soon they go on another date, after which they have sex when Changez convinces Erica to close her eyes and fantasize that she is with Chris.

In meeting you the pleasure was all mine. No, it doesn't explore it, but makes a joke out of it, through an artificially constructed dilemma of one Changez, a Pakistani expat in the United States, who has turned to "fundamentalism" after the history-making day of nine-eleven.

On landing in Japan, as we all emptied the plane, I saw a family of about 6 - a young boy, bearded, about 20, and women of different ages wearing burkha's - sitting quietly in the center seats not meeting anyones eyes.

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Maughn Gregory Stop cheating. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

You feel this story line has been covered umpteen times in many books. Unfortunately, Hamid doesn't really ta Mohsin Hamid also wrote "Moth Smoke," and that brought me to this book--the flashy title could have been ignored. It made me uncomfortable throughout rather than excited and the most irritating part is that you are compelled to read it till the end in the hope of getting hold of the whole idea behind this book.

Many times you will find me standing alone at this or the other corner of the book store. Hamid's protagonist Changez is far from a terrorist.

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