Anatomie artistica

The plates were executed by the German painter and etcher Joseph Maurer, and are the most accurate in the history of comparative anatomy. This work consists solely of fine plates, each with a legend; there is no other text. This is a superb set of a scarce and definitive study only copies of the first volume were printed. Contemporary cloth, worn, title in gilt with decoration on front cover; interior uncut.

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This is the first edition of the Origin -- written by my father -- containing a passage on p.

Quarter buckram over cloth boards, gilt lettering on spine. Despite the title referring to physiology, Taylor is focused primarily on artistca, using the catchismal style of questions and answers. Also includes a number of original photographs of deer taken in Bound into half green cloth over marbled boards, leather label on front cover with title and date in gilt, gilt lettering on spine; an excellent copy from the Library of James M.

The last chapter is devoted to the seventeen species of American humming birds. Henri Milne-Edwards describes the result of a cross between two different species, a mare and an onager, a subgenus of the donkey. An updated preface from the author anatpmie dated January, Sclatera well-known and highly productive over publications ornithologist by trade, is also remembered for his paper setting out the faunal regions artsitica of zoogeography later adopted by Alfred Russel Wallace.

His detailed and accurate studies included a wide artistjca of animals: His main interest was ornithology, and a number of avian species bears his name.

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Half-title inscribed by Leonard Darwin: The nidification of humming birds is illustrated by fourteen plates of nests; three are original and the remainder from Gould.

Artistoca copy of the Origin was presented to Sir James Emerson Tennentbest known for his works on the natural history of Ceylon, by George Augustus Rowellunderkeeper of the Ashmolean and of the Oxford University Museum.

First edition of the most beautiful and celebrated book published on the ear and throat, with drawings based on Casserius' human and animal dissections. Lydekker describes in detail the natural history and habitat of virtually all known at the time game types, with superb illustrations of elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo, sheep and goats, deer, lions, tigers, leopards, hyenas, wolves, and many more animals of the geographical region.

Casserius was a pupil and assistant to Fabricus.

It is also bound in the original boards, and due to a probable binder's error, it was bound without 4 congruent text leaves Q and Bwhich are supplied in facsimile. First edition of the most comprehensive account of the mammals in the geographical area between the Cunene and Zambesi Rivers. Published in Conway's notable Anatomy of the Ship series.

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While admitting that the book was incomplete, particularly with regard to smaller mammals like bats, shrews, rats and mice, he trusted that the work would spur further efforts to render in time a more complete volume on mammals. In the preface, Jerdon stated that he hoped the material presented would be as useful as that on birds, as he knew that many sportsmen and observers had been keenly awaiting its appearance.

Blyth was an English zoologist who spent much of his life in India working as a curator of zoology for the museum of the Asiatic Society of India in Calcutta. Volume de texte seul, sans l'atlas. It records the first accurate description of the laryngeal muscles and nerves as well as the first useful account of the nature of sound, with a comparative examination of the mechanism of phonation and the auditory organs in fish.

As he was primarily an ornithologist, many of his new discoveries were birds, but he also found new fish, mammals and insects. First edition of Chapin's monumental work, published in four volumes over a period of 21 years. This complete account of the faunal study of this region includes a discussion of the author's ornithological exploration of the Belgian Congo, topography and geology, climate, faunal relations and subdivisions, botanical remarks, and more specific information on the birds, including their geographical distribution and variation, breeding, and evolution.

At that time Lane was moving to Sudbrooke Park, Surrey, which Darwin and his wife visited the following year.

Blumenbach believed that an organism's morphology was capable anatoime being modified by the environment and that the resultant changes were inherited. He was curator of the bird room at the Natural History Anatlmie in London, editor of Ibis, president of the British Ornithologists Union and secretary of the Royal Geographical Society, as well as author of many books on ornithology.

First edition of this monumental work in the history of comparative anatomy and human development. Published in Conway's outstanding Anatomy of the Ship series. Contemporary pebbled cloth, edges and corners worn, gilt lettering on spine; some browning and discoloration of text leaves, otherwise a very good copy from the Library of Dr. Swinhoe was born in Calcutta and attended the University of London.

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