Orbital tig welding

For maximum piping-system efficiency, the tubing and tube welds must be as smooth as possible. This is ideal for performing welding work on pipe and tube. Carried out in an inert atmosphere, this controlled technique produces results that are extremely clean, have low particle counts and are free from unwanted spatter. By means of this technique a positive pressure is created which eliminates the formation of concavity in the weld beads as well as impeding internal oxidation.

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Automating the process can be achieved very easily. Boiler-tube installation and repair offer perfect applications for orbital welding. In this process the tubes are kept stationary while the electrode passes along the weld joint forming the weld bead. We provide both new, used and refurbished units, all at affordable prices with warranties. For maximum piping-system efficiency, the tubing and tube welds must be as smooth as oorbital.

Orbital TIG Welding Systems | Lincoln Electric

When precise, identical work is needed repetitively then orbital welding systems are used. Its application has now expanded to the construction of pipework and equipment for diverse industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, automotive engineering, biotechnology, shipbuilding and aerospace. An electric arc is created between a non-fusing electrode and the piece to be welded.

Any pit, crevice, crack or incomplete weld joint can form a place for the fluid inside the tubing to be trapped and form weldng bacteria harbor. The principal characteristics of the satellite are as follows.

Orbital Welding Equipment & Orbital TIG Welding Machines

Orbital welding first found use in early when the aerospace industry recognized the need for a superior joining technique for aircraft hydraulic lines. TIG welding is a very stable process and can be used in all positions.

By means of this technique a positive pressure is created which eliminates the formation of concavity in the weld beads as well as impeding internal oxidation. Retrieved from " https: The first phase of the study restricted itself to the stages of the infrastructure.

Orbital welding

TIG welding was developed in the forties. These aspects include the arc length, magnitude and pulse frequency of the welding current, welding speed, inert shielding gas, parent material, filler material, weld preparation, and thermal conductivity.

Pharmaceutical process lines and piping systems deliver high quality water to their processes. In practice, however, the presence of variable constraints means that it is often necessary for the welder to make corrective interventions. Certified welders are increasingly hard to find.

The Orbital Tig Welding of the CBERS (China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) Propulsion System

These changes induce the tests on samples for both procedures used. TIG welding is an arc welding process using a non-fusing electrode.

Frequently Asked Questions Which Machine? Weld heads contain a system of precision planetary gears that can wear out over time. The final phase involves the training of personnel in the previously mentioned manufacturing process, that is to say, the correct method of operating the equipment during the stages of cutting, facing, bending, pickling, weldinv, tacking and welding, inspection and testing.

Examples are applications where inspection of the internal weld is not practical for each oebital created. Another characteristic related to the use of elevated heat inputs is the presence of concavity in the weld beads.

These industries require consistent full-penetration welds on all weld joints. A capacitor dumps current into the arc to reduce are voltage to a point where the power supply can regulate. Food, Dairy and Beverage Industries: Welding skill and welding time are drastically reduced, thereby greatly reducing costs. The automatic machine can perform welds better than by hand as it can move around the work piece easier, thus allowing for better quality welds.

The arc is created through the gas that circulates in the gas nozzle placed all around the electrode. The main components of every orbital welding system are the power supply with integrated computer controlthe welding head and, where required, a wire feed mechanism.

Abstract The objective of this paper is to obtain a welding procedure capable of attending the manufacturing standards for the Propulsion System of the China - Brazil Earth Resources Satellite - CBERS in terms of geometry, quality and mechanical properties of the welded joints of small diameter pure titanium tubes. In order to have complete control over the weld pool, a perfect welxing must be maintained welcing gravitational force and surface tension at every position of the torch.

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