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Dragon Magazine , p. Large picture of the Ral Partha Miniatures Update: She worked with Meier and Mize on xxx The Adventurers. However, the lack of product diversity left the company vulnerable to the marketing decisions of clients for whom miniatures were a minor interest. It depicts a wyvern or dragon trying to take a maiden but our wizard and knight are not going to give up without a fight.

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Ral Partha's staff had previously developed a lead-free alloy for their "Partha Pewter," a line of collectible figurines designed for the giftware market.

Items are unpainted lead-free pewter. Releases were sporadic and continued until at least the Spring of The Genie's Curse Birthright: The line was expanded the following year, and would be completed until Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

None of whom utilized the brand. In December of Ral Partha launched a website which hosted the newsletters and product ordering information. Kidd to Jack Hesselbrock. Julie Guthrie began freelance sculpting for Ral Partha in Dark Alliance Baldur's Gate: Ral Partha's formative years were the late s, when the company was a part-time basement enterprise producing the art of a teenage sculptor for a nascent gaming market.

Archived copy as title.

Painting Tutorials

The miniatures for the Battletech miniatures produced by Ral Partha and then Iron Wind Metals remained popular, but the future of the game was always in question.

Meier pioneered the sculpture of miniatures in a two-part epoxy putty designed for automotive repair. In the short run, the move was economically beneficial.

Longtime customers could special order many of the figures, but they could not be marketed as Ral Partha figures. The move away from lead was promoted in advertisements and bright catlaog stickers on existing packaging. The company's products are made by spin-casting metal alloys which depict soldiers, adventurers and creatures that have been inspired by history and fiction.

Ral Partha on Facebook and now they have an cataolg website: I am definitely going to have some fun cleaning them up, stripping some of them down and painting them all. Views Read Edit View history.

The Apocalypse and Vampire: In she joined Meier partga Mize to develop a short series of miniatures xxx for Nova Games ' Lost Worlds series of combat books. Having never fully materialized, the Chaos Wars theme was set aside in in order to give necessary attention to producing official miniatures for TSR, Inc.

Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Catalogs

Ral Partha faced a number of licensing setbacks. The company had its origins in the established hobby of historical wargaming, but the company's rapid growth was fostered by the popularity of role-playing games.

Does anybody still make the Ral Partha Miniatures? CincinnatiOhioUnited States.

In the catalog sculptors were no longer credited and a mythical "Ral Partha" rather than the president ppartha the company addressed customers in the prologue.

In Ral Partha sculptors crafted xx 3-Stage Characters which consisted of three aspects with increasing amounts of arms and armor to represent a single adventurer's game career.

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The divisions and purchases meant that assets important to the Ral Partha brand were divided among numerous enterprises. It's a shame that they went out of business. After the formation of Iron Wind Metals inpwrtha online catalog and electronic order forms entirely replaced printed catalogs. The Ascension followed soon after. Finding themselves still short of funds, the three enlisted Marc Rubin, Chuck Crain, and Jack Hesselbrock as partners.

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