Rehras sahib translation

Raag Aasaa, First Mehl: The brave and mighty warriors sing of You. Your devotees are imbued with Your Sublime Essence. Email required Address never made public. Dhan Dhan satsangat jit har ras paa-i-aa mil jan naanak naam pargaas.

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If someone feels hunger for the Translatioh Name, ut bhookhai khaa-ay chalee-ahi dookh. The Sound-current of the Naad vibrates there for You, and countless musicians play all sorts of instruments there for You. Become a SikhNet Sponsor.

The servants of the Lord have the greatest good fortune; they have faith in the Lord, and a longing for the Lord. Says Nanak, my actions are contemptible! Your devotees are imbued with Your Sublime Essence. It was wonderful to learn the meaning of Rehras Sahib even more.

English Translation Of Rehraas Sahib

Nothing else will work. You are squandering this life uselessly in the translatioon of Maya. That Primal Being is Immaculate and Pure. Why are you so afraid, O mind? Nanak remains subject to His Will.

May Waheguru Bless you Some are givers, and some are beggars. You are the True Creator, my Lord and Master.

Rehras Saahib

The spiritual teachers, the teachers of meditation, and the teachers of teachers -they cannot describe even an iota of Your Greatness. His Value cannot be estimated; He cannot be described. This Bani assists a person when they are physically weak, financially weak or concerned with other material and earthly matters sickness, physical weakness, lack of money or property the rtanslation things of life that sometimes leaves us all feeling hopeless, unsuccessful or worthless.

The worlds, solar systems and galaxies, created and arranged rehra Your Hand, sing of You. Those who meditate on the Fearless One, on the Fearless Lord-all their fears are dispelled.

You Yourself are the Creator. O Nanak, how can I think of them all? This is all Your Wondrous Play.

The spiritual heroes and the dahib sources of creation sing of You. For You, many, for You, so very many read the various Simritees and Shaastras.

The One who created the day also created the night. The Lord is Inaccessible, Unreachable sshib Unrivalled. O Dear Lord, you are the One. Chitr and Gupt, the angels of the conscious and the subconscious who keep the record of actions, and the Righteous Judge of Dharma who reads this record, sing of You.

Anand Sahib 6 Shabads. I have seen them drowning there. You never change, O Creator Lord. Your devotees are imbued with Your Sublime Essence.

Rehras sahib

Have you ever thought of this in your mind? Your Expanse has no limit, no boundary. For You, many, for You, so very many perform worship services, O Dear Infinite Lord; they practice disciplined meditation and chant endlessly.

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