The coming insurrection by the invisible committee

None of the innovations in urban guerilla warfare currently deployed in the French police academies are sufficient to respond rapidly to a moving multiplicity that can strike a number of places at once and that tries to always keep the initiative. Such a thing can only be of interest to historians. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Michael Moore mentioned the book as being the most recent one he had read. This question of the nation-state and its mourning is at the heart of what for the past half-century can only be called the French malaise. Taking over Rungis would certainly be more effective than taking over the Elysee Palace.

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The feeling that one is living a lie is still a truth.

Congrats Semiotext, and MIT for being exactly like what this book is railing against, a media event that is pushing a commodity, getting free publicity for your product that you will be paid for, no matter if the reader pays for or steals your book; and to boot you've been just like some entitled asshole and pissed on the people who work a job for very little money.

What was it that made us go jogging on a Sunday morning? Lists with This Book.

The Coming Insurrection

Pacifism without being able to fire a shot is nothing but the theoretical invisiblr of impotence. People are not blind to this. For a more concretely conceptualized model of the potential form that an anarcho-syndicalist society might take, I recommend Ursula Le Guin's novel The Dispossessed.

It is communism, of course, but the not the old, flawed, stale varieties with its police brutality and bureaucratic buffoonery This is the self-destructing blueprint of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. Mar 14, Evelyn Woagh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Or rather, of what we should avenge directlywhen instead we continue to hesitate and defer endlessly. In France a situation of generalized rioting would provoke an explosion of another tenor.

Tracking methods are becoming better and better, mostly through biometric techniques. Sure, many of us will recognize the ideas and emotions in these pages, but it is good to sometimes to hear them out loud now insurrecction again and all at once.

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To put it bluntly, Paris now stands out only as a target for raids, as a pure terrain to be pillaged and ravaged. To go on waiting is madness. What inaurrection mean by the party of insurgents is the sketching out of a completely other composition, an other side of reality, which from Greece to the French banlieues commitee is seeking its consistency. In the shadows of bar rooms, in print shops, squats, farms, occupied gymnasiums, new complicities are to be born.

It's about to explode.

insurrecrion This booklet pages is disturbing and sad. The weak, depressed, self-critical, virtual self is essentially that endlessly adaptable subject required by the ceaseless innovation of production, the hhe obsoles- cence of technologies, the constant overturning of social norms, and generalized flexibility.

Preventing an arrest, gathering quickly and in large numbers against eviction attempts and sheltering one of our own, will not be superfluous reflexes in coming times. As we mentioned above, the devastation of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina gave a certain fringe of the North American anarchist movement the oppor- tunity to achieve an unfamiliar cohesion by rallying all those who refused to be forcefully evacuated.

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Just as the bourgeoisie had to deny itself zzj a class in order to permit comlng bourgeoisification of society as a whole, from the worker to the baron; just as capital had to sacrifice itself as a wage relation in order to impose itself as a social relation — becoming cultural capital and health capital in addition to finance capital; just as Christianity had to sacrifice itself as a religion in order to survive as tthe affective structure — as a vague injunction to humility, compassion, and weakness; so the West has sacrificed itself as a particular civilization in order to impose itself as a universal cul- ture.

Refresh and try again. We cannot ceaselessly reconstruct our bases from scratch.

The image of right wing students in Nanterre applauding as the police expelled their classmates offers a small glimpse of what the future holds in store. The environmentalist movement provides the security structures and capitalism with a far more effective ideological buttress for its actions in Europe than security - the cpming of the case in North America. For total misery becomes intolerable the moment it thw shown for what it is, without cause or reason. But because our worst enemies have used it, and continue to do so.

We'd never own it, but there's a sartorial eugenics at work in our invjsible deconstructions of the passerby. Some of us stay long enough to discuss the general situation and figure out the hard- ware we need for the machine shop.

But these are not addressed. Its not a question of providing a schema for what an insurrec- tion should be, but of taking the possibility of an uprising for what it never should have ceased being: There is no more truth here than elsewhere; here too lies and the laws of estrangement dominate.

An insurrection is not like a plague or a forest fire — a linear process which spreads from place to place after an initial spark. Partic- ularly to be avoided are the cultural and activist circles. To this we should add, in France, the ferocious and secular work of individualization by the power of the state, that classifies, compares, disciplines and separates its subjects starting from a very young age, that instinctively grinds down any solidarities that escape it until nothing remains except citizenship — a pure, phantasmic sense of belonging to the Republic.

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