Caustic recovery in textile industry

News November Milestone: Changing Mercerising Waste Water into Money In order to manufacture this recovery plant, our proficient professionals utilize superior quality components and innovative technology. It can be used for washing, e. The mercerisation process generates large quantities of caustic soda.

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Caustic Soda Recovery for Mercerizing Lye. Get Latest Price Request a quote. The mercerisation process generates large quantities of caustic soda. News November Milestone: Mercerizing term is applied to a process, discovered in by John Mercer, a Lancashire calico printer, which consists in treating cotton and to a limited extent other plant fibres with strong caustic soda or certain other reagents, where-by morphological and chemical changes are brought about in the fibre.

By far the most important application of the mercerizing process is that by which a permanent lustre is imparted to cotton goods; this was discovered in by H. The temperature of the caustic soda has a material influence on its action on the cotton fibre — very much stronger solutions being required to produce the same effect at elevated temperatures than at the. The concentrated product is removed from the last stage by a product pump. The savings of Rs.

Caustic Soda Recovery for Mercerizing Lye

This data can be transferred to excel format and the economics of the Caustic recovery Plant can be worked out each day. A large number of such Caustic Soda Recovery Systems are successfully working world-wide. This hot liquid is then flashed at lower pressure and the vapors so generated used again.

Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts. Questionnaire Caustic Recovery Plants for the textile industry 1.

Textile industry saves USD three million annually with Körting

Here the waste heat is lost in form of vapors and hence effective steam consumption of steam is reduced. This later is taken either to a storage tank or to a Concentrated Lye purification system. Environmental regulations and standards are also being texfile across the world. After the washing has been continued for a short time the tension relaxes, and it is then found that the cotton has acquired a permanent lustre or gloss similar in appearance to that of a spun silk though not so pronounced.

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Products Products Buy Leads Tenders. As a result, they make a valuable contribution to the production of textiles, save costs and are kind to the environment. For many textile producers the time has come to set themselves apart from the competition by offering sustainable production processes. The more stages a system has, the less heating steam is required.

There is no direct contact between the heating steam and the lye, therefore the heating steam condensate can be reused as boiler feed water without cleaning.

Tell us what you need by filling in the form. In some cases where the hot water generated cannot be effectively consumed the effluent is passed through the exchanger and sprayed in an Adiabatic Evaporator. Knit Mercerizing Knit mercerizing usually has very few impurities such as size, starch and hence the recycled caustic is also pure. Purification systems, pumps, filters are all included in the offer whereas most competitors ask client to buy it as optional accessories or get it ij onsite as per their specifications at clients cost.

They can also be used for yarn-dyed and denim fabrics. The heating steam is condensed on the outside of the tubes and heats the lye inside.

Weak lye from Mercerizers around be in absence of CRP has to be taken to an ETP where it has to be neutralized with addition of huge amount of acid. The strength of the caustic soda employed in practice is generally between 55 and 60 Tw.

Waste Water into Money. The vapour from the second stage heats the third stage 3. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. In such situation one has to start thinking afresh on various profit making avenues which were being ignored in better times.

The vapour from the last stage here the 3rd stage is condensed with cooling water in condenser c. Use our calculation tool to estimate the weak lye flow rate.

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