Fraze u engleskom jeziku

For acquaintances and formal situations Best wishes With best wishes Kindest regards Affectionate variations for close friends and family: Thank you for your patience. Phrases for Business Letters. This may take a second or two.

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Could you hold while I check that for you? So I use a phrase such as. Seeing a foreign number on my telephone display always used to make me nervous.

All my love See you soon All the best Once again many thanks Love I look forward to seeing you soon Lots of love With love and best wishes Much love With love to you all With love Do give my kindest regards to ….

The standard opening engleskomm formal correspondence is: Thank you for your patience.

The standard opening for personal correspondence is Dear but variations include: How can I help? And if I speak clearly and simply, they will be put at ease and the conversation will flow. Of course, there are times when I do not understand the caller. My dear … My dearest … Darling … Useful phrases: But that is no problem when I ask: By learning a few simple sentences and phrases, I started to enjoy telephoning with my European entleskom.

Phrases for Personal and Social Correspondence Openings: Thank you for calling.

But that is no problem when I ask:. Now, international calls are just a part of everyday working life. So I get calls from abroad every now and again - and I need to speak English! My international colleagues recognize my professionalism and helpfulness - and that is important to me. Englesskom a German, my main responsibility is my home market but my company has offices all around Europe.

Kako da počnete telefonski razgovor na engleskom | Berlitz - Škola stranih jezika

I am engpeskom in response to your advertisement in [publication] Thank you for your letter of [date] offering me the post of I am writing to apply for the post of I am delighted to accept the position of [job title] I should be pleased to attend an interview I look forward to starting work with you Closures: I sometimes receive calls meant for my co-workers in the department. This may take a second or two.

If they need information that I have to find, then I usually ask them to hold: I never knew what to say to my foreign colleagues. But now I've learned a few tricks and phrases to help me get the rfaze started. I start off a call with introducing myself:. Phrases for Business Letters.

Najčešće fraze u engleskom jeziku

And when I find the relevant information, I usually start off with:. Thank you for considering this application I should be pleased to attend an interview Please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number if you should require further information I look forward to hearing from you If you know the name of the person use: Useful phrases — Korisne fraze u engleskom jeziku. Can I leave a message? I start off a call with introducing myself: Thank you for your letter [inviting, offering, confirming] I am delighted to announce that I am very grateful to you for [letting me know, offering, writing] I was delighted to hear that It was so kind of you to [write, invite, send] I am sorry to inform you that Many thanks for [sending, inviting, enclosing] I was so sorry to hear that I am writing to tell you that Closures: By asking a question, I find out what the caller wants.

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