Security analysis by benjamin graham and david dodd

Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett. Absolutely fantastic stuff especially by contributing authors like Warren Buffet, Seth Klarman, etc If you have spent some time in the investing arena and feel out of touch with concepts and thoughts, here we go So what is left? Although this book is more than pages, still, every pages provide techniques and guidance with great importance any investor needed. First published in , his "Security Analysis "is still considered to be the value investing bibl

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Feb 15, Tyson Strauser rated it really liked it Shelves: A lot of really wise advice of the general kind see quotes below. Graham and Dodd discuss the philosophy of value investing eloquently. Great book for those who are interested in long-term investments. Some quotes from secufity book The most general advice of all: Stocks were to be valued as a shares of a business, bought and sold on that basis.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Great knowledge from the Master Benjamin Graham himself but a very hard book to get through. This book is one the most recommended books when it comes learning about investing, and after reading it I now understand why does it get so many recommendations.

Graham is always very careful never to inject any flamboyance in his writings.

Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett : Benjamin Graham :

Holy crap, I couldn't put it down and was surprised at just how simple it was. The first book to read to understand stock market and stock trends. Unfortunately it's embedded in a very thick book and I wouldn't dvid anyone reading the whole book to pick out those advice unless they are really interested in investments, and in particular value investments and if they are, I hope they are already familiar with much of what Graham and Dodd write here. Benjamin Graham is widely acknowledged to be the father of modern security analysis.

Security Analysis: Principles and Technique by Benjamin Graham

Sep 05, Alvin Lim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Business Cycles This second type of investing is watching dodr the business cycle turnaround of one particular company, watching on the price of the stock, looking at what problems has occurred and why the stock price if failing. Still worth the read though graha only after the Intelligent Investor Principles and Technique 4.

They give an up to date view on each part, its relevance today, where they agree and disagree, and how they use it in their current business. It read, "An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return.

In this book, even one of the co-author added to this edition humbly admitted that he had not completed reading this book until he were invited to write the chapter. Visit our Gift Guides and find our recommendations on what to get friends and family during the holiday season.

Graham Security Analysis

May 07, George Jankovic rated it it was amazing. As someone who only invests in private companies and owns no public stocks, I was hoping for a bit more da I read this book and will be reading The Intelligent Investor as they are the books that shaped Warren Buffett's career. It's doubtful whether you can appreciate all of it without already having some meaningful experience.

Other books in this series. There are 4 ways of investing in stocks that I learned from this book: Top Stocks Roth. I was the first ever to check this particular copy out. Wealth of Nations Adam Smith.

I feel hesitated to read big part about bonds to this book; but the concept of Value Investing itself lies on a thorough fundamental analysis of the company. In this book, even one of the co-author added to this edition humbly admitted that h A book that really touches the issue in detail, but it is still carrying old facts of ss.

Graham and Dodd commented on this long ago, noting that "the old idea of 'permanent investments,' exempt from change and free from care, is no doubt permanently gone. Benjamin Graham is the God of investing. There are extensive notes on the CD. They provide detailed analysis of dozens of companies' finance statements to support their arguments about how investors should analyze securities.

It would be great if the next edition also covered those years and if the editors would include a few color charts and graphs.

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