Airbus a320 hydraulic system

We will now look at each component. Only one electric motor can be operative at a time while the other two are in a standby role. Make some preps to sabbotage the cargo door?

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Thanks for sharing such an amazing post with us and keep blogging! You are commenting using your Facebook account. July 17, at The priority valves cut off hydraulic power to heavy load users if hydraulic pressure in a system gets low. The engine driven hydraulic pumps are represented by a square with a line within the square.

The PTU is inhibited during the first engine start and self tests during the second engine start sequence. Name the components in Green Hyd. Some of the major users of Blue system: This entry was posted in aanslagFlight and taggedAblauwBluecargodoorselectricengine 2geelgreengroenhydraulicmechanismoperationpowersystemtechnologywater pressureyellowyellow system.

System in flight, will you get NWS after landing? It may be selected on manually using a switch on the hydraulics panel, in which case it fully pressurizes the yellow system. These can be closed by operation of switches on the maintenance panel.


An accumulator, located downstream of the engine driven hydraulic pump, provides dampening during pressure fluctuations. Hey guys, this is good stuff, keep it coming! They run the airnus aspects of the flight: I am by no means an expert, so analysing this case is more difficult than my own case.

Components in the hydraulic system: Could SpiceJet have been profitable in FY? There are three hydraulic flow circuits in the A, of which the fluid flow is seperated: I mistakenly added 1.

January 15, at 1: This is very helpful for me, permit to copy sir. It operates automatically to partially pressurize the yellow system when the cargo doors are moved.

The indication is displayed in amber if the pressure is below a certain value. Hydrauliques Continental 19 September at sywtem Through specific sensors ADIRU, accelerometers and dedicated screens it will be displayed to the crew.

Airbus A Flight Control Systems - Powered

Any expert in the field is encouraged to bring in knowledge. Learn More at blend. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! What happens to the yellow hydraulic system when a cargo door is being opened or closed?

Learn how your comment data is processed. Sys is pressurized by RAT?

Aviation Legislation: A Series Hydraulic System Presentation

However, if the fault is due to a reservoir overheat, the FAULT light will remain illuminated as long as the reservoir overheat condition exists. A year flown by It makes sure that the pressure will be maintained for upto 12 hrs after eninge shutdown on ground and upto 3 hrs following a failure of the air supply in flight.

It comes on when hydrailic second engine airbux started within 40 seconds of cargo door operation.

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