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The revaluation of functionality showed that the patient was able to carry light objects and feed himself more easily using the affected limb after the intervetions. After the first week of use, the length of the bandages was progressively shortened 3 cm every 4 sessions in order to increase tension on the area where it was being applied. The activation of weakened muscles seems to result from an indirect mechanism.

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Rev Port Cien Desp. Elastic bandages and intermittent pneumatic compression for treatment of acute ankle sprains.

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Tebmann UJ, Schmidt J. The bandage was used only banvagem the right lower limb for comparison. All volunteers were informed about the risks of the procedures and instructed not to remove the bandage on their own.

This study aimed to measure active range of motion, strength and degree of spasticity in the flexor and extensor muscles of the wrist and elbow joints, as well as to evaluate the functionality of the bandagsm limb in daily activities.

The revaluation of functionality showed that the patient started to perform housework independently.

During the intervention, the patient exhibited hyperemic skin and small cutaneous lesions near the area where the bandages were placed. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Kinesio taping in stroke: Functional bandages have been used in physiotherapeutic practice with banndagem purpose of minimizing disabilities and favoring functional improvement. Considering the scarcity of scientific evidence on the use of functional bandages in the treatment of patients with stroke sequelae, the aim of this study was to describe the evolution of patients with such sequelae, who have been submitted to the use of functional bandages associated with conservative physical therapy.

Initially, they were applied on the anterior segment of the forearm and posterior segment of the arm, banagem through the wrist and elbow joints, without any tension, so that the patient could adapt to the use of the device.

According to our findings, there was an increase in range of motion ROM for all analyzed movements, strength gains in the muscle groups assessed, and a reduction in the degree of spasticity in most patients.

Biomecanica do tornozelo com a bandagem funcional preventiva. Throughout the interventions, she also mentioned a faster rehabilitation of the limb. We hope that the data obtained in this study will indicate the existence of yet another useful resource for the treatment of patients with stroke sequelae, as well as support the conduction of further research.

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Osaki MH, Belfort Jr. Jaraczewska E, Long C. However, there is still a shortage of research regarding the use of these devices in patients with neurological sequelae, especially those resulting from stroke. The median age of participants was 45 years minimum: In a case study on the influence of orthostatism on trunk control and spasticity in paraplegic patients, the authors state that spasticity may be influenced by factors such as anxiety, muscle fatigue, temperature nandagem depression She had been using wrist orthosis for 1 year and reported feeling discomfort and pain in the limb during the use of the orthosis.


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There was an increase in range of motion and muscle strength of patients, and reduction in spasticity of the wrist and elbow flexor muscles. The aim of using functional bandages is to normalize the biomechanics of the segments bancagem contribute to the regulation of the muscle tone by facilitating synergistic activity and joint alignment 4.

Materials and methods We assessed the active range of motion, strength and degree of spasticity in the flexor and extensor bandaegm of the wrist and elbow joints, and functionality of the upper limb during the performance of daily activities at the first and the twentieth session of conventional physical therapy associated with the use of functional bandages. Moreover, they funcioal help reduce irritation of the neural tissue, directly or indirectly inhibiting the pain associated with movement.

Am J Occup Ther.

Eur J Phys Rehabil Med. These results are similar to those found in this study, in which patients showed improvements throughout the sessions in ROM in the muscle groups evaluated.

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Throughout the sessions, the patient reported pain relief in the affected limb, better movement quality during daily life tasks performance, and greater ease in the extension of the fingers of the paretic upper limb. Conclusion The subjects of this study showed a good evolution in the aspects studied. Late in the course of the study, the patient started using his affected limb more often. The initial plan was to conduct a clinical study with comparison group. The use of elastic bandages together with the application of conventional kinesiotherapy proved to be a useful approach in the physiotherapeutic treatment of five patients who participated in this study.

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