Misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia

May 10, Phil rated it it was amazing. Also, a new epilogue is due to discourse about the relevant developments since A reporter, this is very much a "from the ground" description of events and their backgrounds. It's involved, but not partisan. Also, he's not at all shy about making predictions.

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The explanations are layered, taking in cultural, economic, political and external factors. The accounts of Yugoslavs who desire peace with all their neighbours take on extra poignancy when Glenny and we the reader later learn they have fallen foul of the illogical hatreds stirred by the abuse of culture and identity at the hands of politicians.

It came out during the war.

Writing in the "Evening Standard", Fitzroy Maclean said 'Misha Glenny's deeply misua book is, to my mind, essential reading for anyone trying to understand, or even just follow, events in what was once Yugoslavia'. Misha Glenny shows how it all plays its part and why this war came to be. I think that one of the most effective features of The Fall of Yugoslavia is its structure.

This book may not be for the historian of Yugoslavia looking for a detailed analysis from the retro-spective, but it is for those who want to understand the conflicts from the perspective of somebody who was on the ground.

His later book, The Balkans, gives a much broader and deeper exposition of what Yugoslavia was and how it came to disintegrate so violently.

It is a good contemporary account but it falls short of comprehensive explanation. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. There are probably better books on the subject.

Refresh and try again. Oct 31, Gleny rated it liked it. Falll as a history and an explanation of the whole story it falls short, and finishes too soon.

Want to Read saving…. This book -- frequently taking the form and immediacy of a contemporaneously written journal -- explains and lends great insight into what went down and why in the early-to-mid-'90s in the Balkans, a fascinating and complex part of the world. The author personally knows or knew all the main actors of this tragedy and hundreds more besides.

The Fall of Yugoslavia

Firstly, it is written as an ongoing account so much of the speculation or uncertainty has been settled. Jul 11, Robert Smith rated it really liked it. Get to Know Us. Penguin; 3Rev Ed edition 31 Oct. This was quite the informative and interesting book, albeit showing quite the journalist's bias.

Aug 16, Alexander Kosoris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anyone curious about the Balkans. Glenny is evenhanded and thorough in his dissection of the various conflicts and atrocities, offering up relevant historical antecedents throughout, even as he is often overly pessimistic about the region's future.

Detailed, fascinating and pretty wonderful read. Written by a BBC journalist who was there, some say there is a pro-Serb bias to this glenng.

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A quite extraordinary first-hand account of the developing war-crime and yugos,avia tragedy of Yugoslavia's disintegration and attempted genocides of the early-mid s. Written by a journalist who has actually been there during the war and interviewed and spoke to a lot of people. Though some of his darker fears were not realised, reading this book nearly two decades yhgoslavia the first storms gathered does not detract from the account he shares with us.

Death of a Nation.

Jun 21, Paddy Devlin rated it it was amazing Shelves: It does not come with a long list of notes, a bibliography or anything of the sort. A good te book. What we have here is not history and was never meant to be.

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