Shivprasad koirala sql interview questions

In Main Frame architecture, all the processing happens on central host server. Character data is sorted using rules that define the correct character sequence, with options for specifying case-sensitivity, accent marks, kana character types, and character width. These two smaller bits of information form one record of the above given table. We will be answering this question in later section.

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Didn't get the right answer you were looking for Post your question. You can get topics of interviews here and use msdn. When will you post its second part? During an interview, interbiew answer will suffice if the interviewer is really testing your knowledge. Liviu marked it as to-read Jan 30, As mentioned before, DBMS provides a systematic and organized way of storing, managing and retrieving from a collection of logically related information. Data rows are where your actual row data is stored.

SQL Server Interview Questions - Part 1

In client server architecture, the above limitation of the file server architecture is removed. Yes please part 2 would be gratefully received. Thus, there is no need for off-line volumes to tell you the structure of the database. Rakesh Gupta Certified Buyer 25 Jul, Given below is a sample of many-to-many dql.

My vote of 5 bruceshining Jan 8: As the work is distributed between shivpradad entities it increases scalability and reliability. Tridip Bhattacharjee Certified Buyer 21 Mar, Moreover, a different section has been devoted to resume preparation guidelines and finally lists points to remember.

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SQL Server Interview Questions - Part 1 - CodeProject

E-R diagram also termed as Entity-Relationship diagram shows the relationship between various tables in the database. Second, the network traffic also comes down as compared to file server. All the main processing happens on the central host server. A sweet summary and you will rock.

Q What is denormalization? Fifth normal form deals with reconstructing information from smaller pieces of information.

DB What is the difference between Fourth and Koidala normal form? So let us try to see what multi-valued facts are. NET we can access field information using table name and field names.

Sql Server Interview Questions by Shiv Prasad Koirala

It can serve as a good alternative for Microsoft Access database as it overcomes quite a few problems which Access has. Educational and Professional Books. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. My Vote of 5 Ben Greenberg 3-Jan Extent is a basic unit of storage to provide space for tables. So Asset entity has one-to-many relationship between itnerview as the ER model shows below.

But if you look at some old COBOL and C programs where files were the only means of storing data, you can see functionalities like locking, multi-user qusetions. There are two major differences: Q What is normalization? For a table to be in first normal form, data must be broken up into the smallest units possible. These two smaller bits of information form one record of the above given table.

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