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Request removal from index. The frequency of observable physical phenomena such as earthquakes and forest fires may also describe the frequency of wars and stock-market crashes, an astounding proposition on the face of it. If you enjoy history and economic ideas, as well as basic science, then this book is worth a check-out. People who bought this also bought. Scientist and historians continue to attempt to explain these event, and try predict future events to no avail.

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We appreciate your feedback. It just wasn't worth me not moving on to something else. Massive traffic jams that seem to appear out of nowhere?

Finally he uses these ibiquity to which will undoubtedly disturb some history where he argues against the great person or genius theories of history. It's gets a three because it's an interesting concept but it also stands as a DNF Did not finish. Sign in Create an account.

Ubiquity by Mark Buchanan | modellingadvice.info

And even more surprisingly, they have found that there is no "typical" size of an avalanche in a sand pile--sometimes only a few grains of sand, sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was some basis left lacking or insufficiently substantiated. Moreover, many earth scientists believe that critical-state theorists are overreaching somewhat when they try to liken the behaviour of something as complicated as the earth's crust to a pile of grain. Review of Mark Buchanan: Combining literary flair with scientific rigour, this enthralling book documents the coming revolution by telling the story of the researchers' exploration of the law, their ingenious work and unexpected insights.

From You to the Universe. Jan 13, Fried Meulders rated it really liked it Shelves: Physics all around--also watching the three part Nova series with youngest son about the fabric of the cosmos.

Interesting blend of science and history.

Historical records of the timing and magnitudes of earthquakes do seem to follow a power law, which suggests, among other things, that seismologists around the world may be wasting their own time and large amounts of our money banging their heads against an insoluble problem.

More importantly, the book wonderfully succeeds in showing the real meaning behind this statistical distribution - not just its utter randomness but also the deeper meaning of the scale-invariance. Now scientists have discovered that these seemingly unrelated cataclysms, both natural and human, almost certainly all happen for one fundamental reason.

In fact he says most events are because many of these systems are in fact always on the edge of criticality and we have no way of knowing how, why, or what will cause the turning point that will ubiquitu complicated systems over the edge and cause upheavals. Return to Book Page.

Using several global examples, Buchanan tries to show there is no way to predict future events, earthquakes, market crashes, etc.

Graeme Donald Snooks - - Complexity 13 6: Exploring the Demand Side of Dynamics. Your display name should be at least 2 characters buchsnan. Mar 14, Phil rated it liked it. Starts with the problem of dropping grains of sand on a pile and shows how that simple model does a good job f explaining natural phenomenon and the 'critical state'.

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But even though there are many more small avalanches than large ones, large and small avalanches are always possible, and can happen anywhere in the mass that is in a critical state. This remarkable discovery heralds what Mark Buchanan calls the new science makr 'ubiquity', a science whose secret lies in the stuff of the everyday world. I ubuquity he could've gone a little deeper into a part of history instead ybiquity general statements about Intriguing concepts that usually exist in the boundaries of our own instincts - why do things happen the way they do?

I had a harder time with the first half of the book as he set up the science behind what he was talking about, but I found from Chapter 10 on truly fascinating.

Thus, you can expect but never predict large events Fukushima, Great Recessio A fascinating and, I think, very important book. Preview — Ubiquity by Mark Buchanan. I feel he could've gone a little deeper into a part of history instead of general statements about wars, but the book serves as a great introduction and a gentle buchajan that the answer is usually somewhere in the middle. The Tribe of Tiger. Jan 22, Steve rated it it was amazing Shelves: This remarkable discovery heralds what Mark Buchanan calls the new science of maark, a science whose secret lies in the stuff of the everyday world.

An interesting book along the lines of Blink, Tipping Point.

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