Transformers must be used at higher voltage values. The waits for set delay E TF for 02 to elapse. The installation includes outdoor lighting, air-conditioning plant, etc. The moment in which the installation is supplied by the main network, the commands generator switch-off after time has elapsed.

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The following figure shows a typical application in which UPS are used to supply.

Introducing ABB’s ATS, ATS Automatic Transfer

Technical catalogue - For example, it is evident that in an installation where continuity of service is a fundamental aspect, sudden breaks caused by main outage cannot be permitted. Time delay before the circuit-breaker on the generator side closes Setting range Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart.

Examples of installations in which continuity of service ast021 essential are: How to read this guide The following shows the symbols used in this Quick start guide with descriptions and examples. The installation includes outdoor lighting, air-conditioning plant, etc.

Technical catalogue - Ordering Codes. E The waits for set delay E to elapse. Therefore, before analyzing how the standards deal with break times see the following pages it is advisable to find out how the Standard governing electrical installations IEC classifies the types atz021 supply that characterize a low voltage electrical system.

The waits for set delay ats012 elapse The commands circuitbreaker on the emergency to open. Application example The application example shown on the following pages is given with the intention of explaining and providing further information about the connections between the components involved in switching auxiliary contacts, motor operator, etc.

In fact, when no-break, very short and short break automatic supplies are required, the installation must be provided with devices capable of delivering immediate power by feeding the with a UPS Uninterruptible Power able to guarantee a ready-to-use power source, which may be limited in time, but such as to make up for the time required to start the generator set. Medium voltage, arc proof, air insulated switchgear for primary distribution UniGear ZS1 Medium voltage, arc proof, air insulated switchgear for primary distribution UniGear ZS1: G GS The commands circuit-breaker closing.

Show on map Hide map. The ATS family can be fit in perfectly with ABB circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors, thereby ensuring availability of a complete and coordinated system. It is possible to run the drive via the digital operator without connecting More information. Trip circuit supervision relay.

ata021 Transformers must be used at higher voltage values. The ATS family is highly suited to use in all emergency power supply systems where ready to install, easy to atw021 and reliable solutions are required.

In this case, we wish to describe a 00Vac industrial application in a three-phase system with distributed neutral, consisting ars021 a transformer for the main and a generator for the emergency one.

If a generator is installed, this time corresponds to the generator start-up delay s The delay, which lasts a few seconds, prevents the switching procedure from starting due to transient voltage dips TF Time delay before the circuit-breaker on the generator side or transformer side closes.

Condition-based maintenance Maintenance based on monitoring equipment More information. When the electrical parameters of the main return within acceptable limits depending on the setting and once time delay has elapsed, the activates the back-switching procedures by opening circuit-breaker on the emergency and subsequently closing circuit-breaker on the main after the set delay TF for 02 has elapsed. The following figures give an overall view of the connections between 02 and all the zts021 involved in transfer switching.

This solution has been designed to ensure a high degree of reliability thanks to the intrinsic safety systems linked to the operation of the software and hardware. Container Information Package Level 1 Units: The transmits a command which activates the generator.

1pc ABB Dual Power Automatic Switching Controller ATS021

Since the third device, used as a bus-tiemust also be controlled, an additional connection must be made to include time delay relays and contactors. Electrical System, Network for Desalination, More information. These phases can be summarized as follows: Transformer for the main and generator for the emergency According to the operating logic, under standard operating conditions, the network is powered by transformer and, if a failure occurs, the are supplied by the emergency through the Wts021 generator able to deliver the same current as the transformer.

Special attention is given to the most common plant engineering configurations that the can manage. The commands circuit-breaker opening. ABB automatic transfer switches ensure service continuity with a number of built in integrated safety features.

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