How to pray by ra torrey

Instead of building on the same principles, I noticed how he moved horizontally to cover other aspects of this life-transforming attitude—for prayer is more an attitude than an action. He looked as if he was borne down with an agony of prayer. Greed for money has become a mania with rich and poor. A most remarkable and widespread display of God's reviving power was that which broke out at Rochester, New York, in , under the labors of Charles G. He still guides us.

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The moral condition of the world in our day is disgusting, sickening, appalling. When anything is definitely promised in the Word of God, we know that it is His will to give that thing. There is no mistake about it, the work is begun, and is going over all the region!

The lands of the rebel chiefs which had been forfeited to the British crown, were settled up by a class of colonists who for the most part were governed by a spirit of wild adventure. Here and there a church has a large number of accessions upon confession of faith, but these churches are rare exceptions; and where there are such accessions, in how few cases are the conversions deep, thorough and satisfactory. As I kneel before God and pray, "Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked way in me," Ps.

How to Pray

For example, in the first chapter, "The Importance of Prayer", he lays out 10 great reasons why one should pray. It was so in the days of Knox, it was so in the days of Wesley and Whitfield, it was so in the days of Edwards and Brainerd, it was so in the days of Finney, it was so in the days of the great revival of in this country and of in Ireland, and it will be so again in your day and mine.

It not only spread throughout the State but ultimately to Great Britain as well.

How often must He look down upon us in sadness at our forgetfulness of His repeated blessings, ptay His frequent answer to our prayers. Then look at the fads and errors that have sprung up out of this loss of faith, Christian Science, Unitarianism, Spiritualism, Universalism, Babism, Metaphysical Healing, etc.

How To Pray -- R. A. Torrey

Art is oftentimes a mere covering for shameless indecency. I formerly thought that no human being had anything to do with my own conversion, for I was not converted in church or Sunday-school, or in personal conversation with any one.

I came to a conclusion this time, though, that the problem is not particularly with the book but with the concept of teaching someone to pray by writing about prayer. The word rendered "importunity" means literally "shamelessness," as if Jesus would have us understand that God would have us draw nigh to Him with a determination to obtain the things we seek that will not be put to shame by any seeming refusal or delay on God's part.

By the year a monthly concert of prayer was held in Antrim. In some places the criminal courts and jails were closed for lack of occupation. I continued to pray until his distress passed away, and then I returned to the dinner table. Want to Read saving….

How To Pray - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

About the spring of a work of power began to manifest itself. I kept growing more and more miserable, and finally I got down and asked God to forgive my sins, but I would not s " One night, when my wife was at prayer meeting, I began to grow very uneasy torreu miserable. I believe He will. The Sunday newspaper with its inane twaddle and filthy scandal takes the place of the Bible; and visiting and golf and bicycle, the place of the Sunday-school and church service.

How To Pray

Return to Book Page. The burden of his soul would frequently be so great that he was unable to stand, and he would writhe and groan in agony.

He was a very silent man, as almost all are who have that powerful spirit of prayer. Seldom are men overwhelmed with a sense of their awful guilt in trampling under foot the Son of God. Mere argument will not do it; but a sign from heaven, a new outpouring of the Spirit of God, It was not discussion but the breath of God that relegated Tom Paine, Voltaire, Volney and other of the old pry to the limbo of yorrey and we need a new breath from God to send the Wellhausens and the Kuenens and the Grafs and the parrots they have trained to occupy chairs and pulpits in England and America to keep them company.

Yow wish that hoa words "being sleepless unto prayer" might burn into our hearts. In answer to prayer my eyes are opened to behold wondrous things out of God's Word Ps.

While it didn't answer all my questions, which the book never presented itself as a be-all-end-all on the topic, it lays down a lot of truth pulled right from Scripture in an easy to follow topical approach.

God is deeply grieved by the thanklessness and ingratitude of which so many of us are guilty. To purchase a copy of this book click on the following link: Christians do not average a dollar a year for foreign missions.

There is something special about the writing on prayer that was from this generation. He still hears when His people call.

They looked on themselves as altogether lost and damned, and cried out, "Men and brethren, what shall we do to be saved?

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