Michel stamp catalogue

AFA Denmark stamp catalogue In this section of our stamp catalogues we have made it easy to find the most recent version of stamp and coin catalogues from a wide range of publishers. In addition, other philatelic titles are published. AFA Scandinavia stamp catalogue Excl. Michel Germany Special cat.

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By it was split into two volumes, for "Europe" and "overseas", and eventually grew to a present-day size of about a dozen volumes covering the entire world, with additional specialized volumes bringing the total to some forty catalogs. First published init has become an important reference work for philatelywith information not available in the English-language Scott catalog. Newsletter Receive our latest offers first Subscribe. List of Michel stamp catalogues The country catalogues issued by Michel generaly can be divided into Europe- and Overseas catalogues.

See all Lunar Year Chinese lunar year. Michel Germany Special cat.

Michel stamp catalogues

Scott excludes many issues that were unlikely to be actually used to pay postage. Michel is also more detailed, with quantities issued, sheet formats, and mcihel forth. Home - Catalogues - New catalogues. Gulf States — March Rumours say that the next edition will be in English aswell.

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Danish postal rates This blog is made available by PostBeeld. Freestampmagazine December 10, 8: Philately of Germany Stamp catalogs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It extensively covers specialized Germany collecting including the complex WW2 era stamps of Germany, occupied territories, and provisional stamps. See all Coins Bank notes Numiscovers Coins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. AFAS18 - Read more.

Michel Catalogs

Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references. YVII - Read more.

Yvert - Central Amercia vol. Not all issues are represented by images. AFAO19 - Read more. For instance, US embargoes against Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea are reflected by Scott's failure to show market values for those countries' stamp issues as late asScott did not supply any information at all about North Korean stampsand Michel is one of few cataloge for catapogue information.

There are 15 main catalogues, all issued in German; aboutare printed annually. Retrieved July 24, Michel also documents stamps issued apparently with little or no intent of being used to pay postage and stamps issued by regions or areas with dubious political status.

II from May AFAO - Read more. The largest internet stamp shop.

Michel Postage Stamp Catalogs

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