A faster reduction in the combustion chamber of the temperature, the pressure and the confinement time leads to less NOx production, and less heat transfer toward the engine block, all contributing to improve the efficiency over the piston engine. Definition and clarification It is generally of public evidence that engine power goes up with displacement, but because historical definition, this is not quite true, and led to substantial confusion in the world of engine. The second Quasiturbine design is greatly simplified to eliminate the carriages French sans chariots or SC.

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Quaxiturbine crankshaft and the flywheel are the main obstacle to engine acceleration, and since suasiturbine flywheel are unable to store energy at low rpm, the engine torque at idle is highly handicapped by the quasiturblne dead times. The Saint-Hilaire family first patented the Quasiturbine combustion engine in However, fully pre-vaporized gasoline does improve combustion quality and is desirable from the environment point of view even if the piston engines do not stand it well Instead of using piston like a quasitubrine car enginea rotary engine uses a triangular rotor to achieve the combustion cycle.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The chainsaw is not available for sale at this time. As the rotor moves around the chamber, each of the three volumes of gas alternately expands and contracts.

The volume enclosed between the sides of the rotor and the rotor casing provide compression and expansion in a fashion similar to the more familiar Wankel enginebut the hinging at the edges allows the volume ratio to increase.

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This video shows what houseplants are doing while we're away. The Quasiturbine is also efficient in compressor or pump mode.

The Wankel engine succes for direct hydrogen combustion comes for its intake and combustion stratification, which results mainly from early intake like Quasiturbine and its excessive volume during expansion with an efficiency lost. An other fundamental improvement over the piston is the intake and expansion characteristics.

How Quasiturbine Engines Work

Optimum all across the power range - No off-peak penalty. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. The simpler Quasiturbine model looks very much like a traditional rotary engine: Suitable as a double-circuits Rotary Motor or Expander for compressed air, steam and other fluids, or later as an advanced Internal Combustion Rotary Engine, as well as later for Compressor of various thermodynamic cycles.

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. In Type IIIair and fuel are only partially mixed in the combustion chamber.

Many other designs are possible within the patented Quasiturbine model, with or without carriages and with differing numbers of ports. Of course, turbo on a QT will produce a much more significant effect than with a piston.

The Quasiturbine does not present the critical sealing problem of the Wankel. The Wankel is already known as a high density engine. Spreading out better the push of gases! Later, when the high pressure is dissipated, the residual gas trails in the back chamber precisely where the exhaust quasitubine is Quasitkrbine potential variation of this design uses the two sets of ports independently, one as an engine and the other as a pump, quasitrbine potentially integrating the functions of a pump and its driving motor in one shaftless unit.

For optimum efficiency and clean environment under any load, torque, pressure, flow, power or RPM! Just a word here, to recall that the conventional gas turbines are conceived for a precise aerodynamic flow, and do not offer a wide power range with reasonable efficiency.

On the other and, nothing limits quaxiturbine construction of huge Quasiturbines like for ship power, fix power plan stations, or large Quasiturbines for thermal power plan or nuclear, using steam or hydraulic.

Here is a list of the main conceptual deficiencies which limit the piston engine: This article has multiple issues. In the next few sections, we'll see how the Quasiturbine takes the idea of a rotary engine even further.

Gilles Saint-Hilaire, a thermonuclear physicistconsisting of members of his immediate family. Please improve it by qhasiturbine the claims made and adding inline citations.

The ultimate goal of an engine is to convert the energy of this expanding gas into a rotary spinning motion. Reciprocally, if the electrical components are part of a motor, the Quasiturbine becomes an integrated electric motor-driven pump, or a Bi-energy power group.

Now, let's see what this combustion mode is all about. The Quasiturbine will intake 8 times more quaiturbine and fuel-mixture, and produce something like 10 times more power!

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