Stick figure by lori gottlieb

I saw anyone who noted my habits with derision. I will say this book kept me on the edge of my seat for the most part. This book is "based on diaries" she wrote when she was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for anorexia nervosa. It's a book mostly about Lori's becoming and being sick, with recovery a deus ex machina that's never examined or explained.

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Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb |

See More New Releases. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only. One day Lori decides she is fat and stops eating almost entirely.

Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self

Maybe Lori feels pressured and maybe her mom is part of the reason. For a while I was getting nervous for Lori because I didn't want anything bad goytlieb happen to her. A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found Lori Gottlieb's eleven-year-old self is a singular storyteller of unblinking candor and precocious insight.

I enjoyed this book, but I don't feel like it is the best representation of eating disorders. By turns painful and wry, Lori's efforts to reconcile the conflicting messages society sends women ring as true today as when she first recorded these impressions.

So I guess deep inside this book it teaches you what the true meaning loro friendship This book is one of the bests. Stay in Touch Sign up.

The level of insight and sheer honesty is compelling, driving readers to push through the entire book until every last page has been turned.

View all 5 comments. An intimate journey into the psyche. I decided that maybe Lori had an incredibly, incredibly severe case of anorexia, which would have made more sense, except I don't quite understand how this is a memoir because it seems totally inaccurate.

Just the same, there are worse ways to spend an evening than reading this. He told her to only drink whole milk but at home she refused to. The book gives away a lot of hints that are most likely leading to the conflict or big idea of the story. Lists with This Book. I had high hopes for this book, and was let down.

Stick Figure

I think she imposed the eating part of the disorder onto herself upon developing an image prob So. It just reinforces all the stereotypes and myths of eating disorders and god forbid anyone read this who knows someone struggling with the disorder because this is NOT what it I want my money back. Good book for parents especially of girls, adult women to be aware of body image and relationship to food, young girls for discussion re topics.

The book was very easy to understand and I would definitely recommend it to people that are struggling with dieting issues or anyone who just wants a good book to read. This is a true story about a young girl who becomes severely anorexic.

I feel this would be a good book for libraries to put in their YA section, so I'll probably offer it to my local one. This book is definitely a must-read for anyone that has experienced an eating disorder, stico close stlck someone with an bby disorder, or plans on working with disordered clients in the future.

Lori Gottlieb is the author of national best-seller Stick Figure: Lori's account is unique is because she tells it through the lense of a kid who is in elementary school in a time before Karen Carpenter and anorexia entered our lexicon. In the book, Stick Figure: As many other reviewers have noted, I find it difficult to believe that an eleven year old wrote this "book" diary.

Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self |

A really great book! I think this book was really good.

View all 10 comments. I laughed at certained parts, and I teared up at others - she was quite the charming eleven year old.

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