Ahmad kasravi

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Fedayan went on to assassinate the prime minister and may have been behind the attempt on the life of Muhammad Reza in the garden of Tehran University in If he negotiates that difficulty, he will pass into the wide plain of Iranian history with its haunting echoes and compulsive repetitions. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. May 4, This article is available in print.

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He settled in Tbilisi, where he set about learning Russian and striking up friendships with many supporters of liberty. Kasravi was so engrossed in his research that he was not even aware of the deposition of the Qajar family and the accession of the Pahlavi dynasty 12 Kxsravi The Russian Revolution of February stirred great excitement throughout Iran and especially in Azerbaijan.

In the course of the s, he came to argue that the Shia itself was a perversion of the prophet's Islam. But shortly afterward, the truth of what had happened in Khuzestan came out, and the minister of justice thanked him for his work there.

Is there an ultimate use for historians?

Kasravi paid the price of his daring by his forced resignation from the public high school in Tabriz, where he had been teaching Arabic, and fled to Tehran Kasravi,pp. In short, the new parliament, instead of merely interpreting and enforcing the divine law known as sharia, would actually give law kkasravi the Muslims.

He talks about the root of Sufism and its origin in Greek philosophy.

Topic select a topic In this long book, which runs to pages in the best Persian edition, Kasravi recounts how the spontaneous alliance of clergy, masravi, craftsmen and intellectuals forged in disintegrated when the Shia clergy became aware of some of the wider consequences of Enlightenment ideas.

On several nights Kasravi climbed to the roof of his house and observed the comet in an attempt to discover some facts on this matter.

For a comprehensive bibliographical survey on Kasravi, see below, vii. He held that Sufism taught the young nothing but idleness, inactivity, and celibacy Kasravi, a, p.

To this, the first democratic revolution in Asia, Kasravi brings a mixture of philosophical sensibility and direct experience:. The Fedayan went on to assassinate the prime minister and may have been behind the attempt on the life of Muhammad Reza in the garden of Tehran University in His history of the constitutional movement was published in Persian for the first time starting in as a supplement to this magazine.

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In his opinion, all these dialects—as well as all the regional languages, including Kurdish, Turkish, and Arabic—were bound to disappear bit by bit, being replaced by Persian, which he hoped would become robust, evolved, and powerful. After his resignation, for a little over a year he practiced law, and then returned to the Ministry of Justice and took a job in the Court of Assizes in Tehran. He showed that the ancient Azari language was an offshoot of Pahlavi language.

That was the period when the enforced modernization of the country was kasarvi full swing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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While he was there, he also undertook research into the dialects of Khuzestan, just as he had done in Mazandaran. It was just a matter for a learned cleric to administer first Iran, then the whole world, until the Lord of Time revealed himself to his favourite nation and ushered in an age of justice and the end aumad the world.

Selected works by Kasravi. His research on Iranian dialects would harmonize later with the movement for purification of the Persian language, which would be launched with the support of the political authorities, in order to render Persian more vigorous and better able to respond to the needs of modern times.

Ahmad Kasravi

He lists the dangers that were threatening the territorial integrity of the country and reveals the flaws of the political plans of ahmzd parties and the incoherence of the ideologies that controlled their minds idem,pp. At the end ofhis position within the Justice ministry became more and more tenuous.

Most of the themes of the essay remain relevant today. In fact, he ascertained that the heads of the state administrative departments were mere pawns of the shaikh.

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Payedar, fifth printing,p. Bob first claimed that he was the door between "the Savior" and the public, later kassravi he claimed that he himself was "The Savior". For their part, the English, in collaboration with the nomadic tribal chiefs of the south and southwest, were getting ready to impose their empire in the southern provinces and Khuzestan.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Present in the world in flesh and bone, the Mahdi passes unrecognised through the Shia cities, walking perhaps even among the Tehran crowds streaming between Enqelab and Azad.

His friends, although dedicated to his cause, were comparatively few and scattered all over the country.

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