Cadence virtuoso tutorial

Consult the Virtuoso Manual and on-line documentation for further information. LSW window is the Smart Palette. Thank you in advance. What if they need to be brought out so a router can get to them? Offline Frank Wiedmann over 4 years ago.

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Click on Parameters and change the width to 1.

Virtuoso Tutorial Version 1.2

The zoomed-in nmos should look like this:. Once you have the edge you want click the left mouse button Button-1 and move the mouse in the direction you wish to stretch the edge. Furthermore, assume that the power and ground rails are run in metal 1 M1 and that they are 2. There are several methods for zooming found in the View menu.

You should now be editing layout view of "row" cell. The DRC form appears: Use drawing dg layers for drawing transistors.

In addition, you can access the complete on-line manual, the complete list of active hot-keys, and complete documentation on text commands at any time. Drag a box over the stacked nfet's we just drew.

Now let's use our NAND gate and an inverter which you need to create. At the bottom of the window is virtukso Virtuoso Message Area.

Getting Started Version 1. Now move the finger over the edge you wish to stretch. Let's say we were laying out this NAND gate for a standard cell library.

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To learn more about Virtuoso and other tools just type cdsdoc at your Unix prompt, and the documentation browser should appear. Virtuoso is more than just a simple layout editor. Go to the Virtuoso window and hit "i" instantiate You should add substrate and well contacts Hint: Notice that the inputs and outputs are all found within the power straps. Instantiate NAND four times and inverter once to form an array of cascaded cells.

What if they need to be brought out so a router can get to them? Note that in a path you can change only the length this way - for tutirial width use q and the properties menu.

Cadence Tutorial 1

We are now going to "paint" a piece of poly to connect the pfet and left nfet gates together. Where can I find a kind of tutorial for absolut novice on Cadence 6. When you release the mouse button, whatever is "selected", in this case the fet cell, will be highlighted.

It would be very useful to add pins with text labels on our layout. Community Guidelines The Cadence Design Communities support Cadence users and technologists interacting to exchange ideas, news, technical information, and best practices to solve problems and get the most from Cadence technology.

Using r and p hotkeys to draw rectangles and paths, wire up the two left contact regions and add the connection to the right pfet contacts. Next, across the top you should see the menu bar which contains the following menu items: I realize it is not 6. To add a pin with a text label simply select, Pin Simply type in "nand2" under cell name and "layout" under view.

Now, edit instance properties, click on the nmos, when the transistor is highlited, hit q. After you are done, your layout should look like this:

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