Ipc 6013

The first difference between the two classes of products is based upon the definition itself. Both sides may have covered vias, with stiffeners, pins, connectors, components being optional. For more details including how to change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. Two or more conductive layers separated by insulating layers between each. Class 2 products are defined as products where continued performance and extended life is required, and for which uninterrupted service is desired but not critical.

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So they are different. Buyer's Guide - Confirmation close. Any third-party trademarks or images shown here are for reference purposes only.

China IPC flat flat cable, FPC cable for car DVD on Global Sources

They may have optional components, connectors, pins, and stiffeners. PI film polyimide and copper conductor Cover film thickness: Stiffeners may be required as reinforcement to allow connecting a part or extremity of the flex circuit with connectors, without incurring damage to the flex circuit. 6031 holes may extend through both flexible and rigid layers, but blind and buried vias are an exception.

Global Sources Management Site: The changes are spread throughout the publication. Actual costs may vary.

The rigid substrate is usually FR-4 type, with thickness varying from 0. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

IPC-6013 D is here for Flexible Printed Boards

Please update your browser. For a quicker and more positive response, Introduce yourself and your company Indicate your requirements in detail State any special requests or customization required View sample Enter 20 to characters. Type 3 — Multilayer flexible printed boards containing three or more conductive layers with PTHs, with or without stiffeners. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hongkong Lead Time: The rigid section of the printed board may contain a metal core or external metal heat frame, which may be active or nonactive.

For example let's take the requirement for voids in copper. Enter your e-mail address. They may have micro-vias and fine features for achieving high density, increased functionality, and smaller form factor. We will be able to honor your IPC member price. While this gives the necessary dependability, the long life spans of flex circuits reduce service calls.

We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. My drawing says to class 2. Because no adhesives are present, the copper clad laminate can operate at much higher temperatures, offers higher copper peel strengths, ipf there is significant reduction in the thermal expansion stress on vias.

Life seems to have gotten in the way for a while. Display only results from: As adhesives tend to expand faster than the laminate nearly times that of FR-4 lpc rise in temperature, vias in the rigid-flex area undergo tremendous amounts of stress due to thermal cycles occurring during RoHS assembly, multiple cycles of assembly, and with higher system and operating temperature of components.

Click on the link in the e-mail to activate and start receiving free alerts when new products are posted! To overcome the issue of via reliability, PCB ipf and material suppliers, including industry standard organizations have developed solutions and drafted specifications to eliminate the use of adhesives in these areas.

Check in with us for more information at or by email at info document-center. Product Details Model Number: Exposed pads or access holes may be available on either or both sides, with or without covers.

Use D UL — Recognition. Outer layers may have exposed or covered pads. This type also includes High Density Interconnect HDI flexible circuits, offering increased options for design, layout, and construction over regular flexible circuits. The increasing requirement for flexible circuits is demanding improved functionality opc flexibility from flexible circuits.

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