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For VB and VB. Synchron Data Publication date: Microsoft Press Books Publication date: Stream class — the base of all streams in the.

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Visual Basic Essentials Post date: Dheeraj Singh Bhadoria Apr 2: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Another Rpogrammers book nakov 3-Oct programmfrs For VB and VB. I hate being beaten by a second too. Nice collection, Thanks for sharing 5. Thx Paulo Augusto Kunzel Oct 8: Orcun Iyigun Jul 4: Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Menon Santosh 8-Sep 0: New ebook on https: Reusability is the property of a module a component, class or even a method that enables it to be used in different applications without any or little change in its source code.

Free C# Programming Ebooks & Reviews: Programmer's Heaven C# School Book

By the way, I gave a 5! If a class B sub class inherits a class A base classthen B would have a copy of all the instance members fields, methods, properties of class A and B can access all the members except for the private members of class A.

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Keep it up the good work. So, when sub-classing or inheriting, we go 'from specialization programmres generalization'. Will k 45 My vote of 5 Akinmade Bond Oct 9: In the second intermediate section we will go into depth with Object Oriented constructs such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations and exceptions.

Hence, it makes sense to declare #c as a method. A base class usually has general functionality, while sub-classes possess specific functionality. Programmer's Heaven C School Book.

These articles aim to gather together tips and tricks from authors and mentors to help you write great articles. WriteLine "New school student created.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Having trouble writing or posting articles? My vote of 5 Menon Santosh 8-Sep 0: Inside SharpDevelop Post date: Introducing Visual Basic for Developers.

I want something that covers generics, threads, events, delegates, etc. Huge collection yashepe Mar My vote of 5 Orcun Iyigun Jul 4: The final chapter covers new features in C 2.

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