Api spec 6a

The sacrificial production part, or prolongation QTC shall only qualify production parts having identical size and shape. Other connectors shall be in conformance with Adoption of metric fasteners on 6BX flanges is not practical due to the compact design of the flanges and due to the fact that metric fasteners with equivalent strength are slightly larger than inch fasteners. Functional dimensions have been converted into the metric system to ensure interchangeability of products manufactured in metric or inch systems see also Annex B.

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Bentec GmbH Drilling & Oilfield Systems » API Spec 6A

The first pressure-holding period shall be at rated working pressure. Any manufacturer marking equipment or materials in conformance with the marking requirements of an API standard is solely responsible for complying with all the applicable requirements of that standard.

Retained fluid corrosivity Table Witness? For other compositions which must conform to the requirements of NACE MRthe chemical analysis of the overlay shall conform to the specification limits of the corresponding NACE-approved material s.

Zero load Key Atmospheric pressure Figure F. The requirements sprc for stems are the same as for bodies and bonnets, except that material properties shall conform to the requirements of 5. Also included are examples of casing and bit programmes that are consistent with the wellheads as shown. Impact values shall be in accordance with 5.

The dimensions of aip entrance bevels, counter-bores and recesses are not covered by this International Standard and may exceed the B dimension of the tables. The ring gasket pressure area shall be hydrostatically tested for extended neck hangers at the rated working pressure at room temperature one time for a 5-min minimum hold period.

The spool shall contain a restricted-area sealing means at or near the face of the lower connector, permitting a sped rating greater than the pressure rating of the lower connector in the section above the restricted-area sealing means.

Tolerances are as follows: The area between the primary packing and the back seat, or other means for repacking the stuffing box, shall be vented during the test. The seat-to-body seal test shall consist of the following three parts a blind seat may be used for spe test at the manufacturer's option: A choke or other suitable means for back-pressure control shall be installed between the circulation pumps and test section as shown in Figure 1.

Weld repair is not allowed. Any hanger which can be installed upside down shall have the word "DOWN" on the end which will face downhole when properly installed.

Full text of "API 6A: Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment"

Additionally, verification shall be performed on all parts. Permanently attached lock-open features are not permitted on SSV actuators. Material for other parts shall be slec accordance with the manufacturer's written specifications.

These records, if applicable, shall be identical to or contain the same information as those retained spef the manufacturer. Any hole with a diameter greater than the diameter used for the test shall be considered qualified; — the depth-to-diameter ratio of the test hole shall 6s all repairs to holes with the same or smaller depth- to-diameter ratio; — the performance qualification test hole shall have straight parallel walls.

A second purpose of this annex is to provide rules for the design of derated equipment for use at elevated temperatures. Sections below the restricted-area pack-off shall be designed to sustain the working pressure of that section plus any pressure-induced loads spev from the upper pressure acting on the restricted-area pack-off. Test power supplied to electric actuators shall be in accordance with the electrical design requirements.

Maximum flowing fluid temperature at wellhead: The packing mechanisms, however, shall be capable of maintaining a leak-tight seal at the rated working pressure of the head. The temperature-sensing tip of the thermocouple shall be within the part or heat sink, and be no closer than 25 mm 1 in from any external or internal surface. The prolongation may be heat-treated either attached or separated from the running tools it represents. Full text of " API 6A: Each holding period shall not be less than 15 min; the timing shall not start until the external surfaces of the body 6aa have been thoroughly dried, the test pressure has been reached and the equipment and the pressure- monitoring gauge have been isolated from the pressure source.

Each pump motor shall be provided with a non-resettable 66a meter speec monitor pumping duration.

API - 6A - 20th Edition

At least one pump shall be provided with a variable-speed motor for circulation flowrate control. These tests may be used to qualify weld metal with hardness less than shown in 7. Test equipment which requires calibration includes: NOTE The stresses in these calculations are based on stress area, and not thread root area as required for stress calculations in 4. The requirements shown for valve-bore sealing mechanisms are the same as for bodies and bonnets, except material properties shall conform to the requirements of 5.

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