Basic keelboat

Be familiar with the nomenclature for basic parts of the boat, sails, battens and rigging. Sail on a Run Demonstrate the proper use of a lifejacket or personal flotation device PFD.

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Basic Keelboat Course | US Sailing

Knowledge Preparation to Sail: Be familiar with anchoring procedures for emergency situations such as loss of boat control, sudden storms, prevention from going aground or injured crew situations. Be familiar with the nomenclature for basic parts of the boat, sails, battens and rigging. Sail on a Close Reach Get clicking, thumbing and tapping today. Learn the parts of your boat and rigging. Crew Overboard Secure a sailboat to a dock properly.

Basic Keelboat Certification requires the successful completion of the following knowledge and skill requirements. Detailed illustrations make sailing theories clear Incredibly detailed illustrations capture and focus key learning objectives. All content is copyrighted.

Please do not re-print anything from this website whether text or graphics. Check all other equipment specific to your boat not indicated above. Explain potential electrical hazards such as overhead electrical wires and lightning. Whether you take the study keeelboat on your mobile, tablet, desktop, or take a turn with each, you'll find safe harbour on any device.

Describe the Navigation Rules, International-Inland, for Stand-On and Give-Way sailboats and powerboats for collision avoidance and understand your state and local boating regulations. Describe weather warning sources.

Sit back, relax, and let the fully narrated course fill your sails Have the narration guide you, or turn it off and read on your own. Describe when and to whom boating accidents must be reported.

Demonstrate proper sail trim with accurate sheet adjustment of the main and headsails. Demonstrate use of Navigation Rules while sailing. All terms below are described in the Glossary. Avoiding Collisions Port tack and starboard tack sailboats Windward and leeward sailboats on the same tack Port tack vessel cannot determine windward vessel's tack Overtaking situation Power vessels keflboat each other head-on Boat on the right Describe appropriate actions to be taken when sailing in the vicinity of commercial traffic, including responding to a danger signal.

Learn to Sail - Basic Keelboat ASA | Harbor Sailboats

Safety and Emergency Procedures: Tacking and jibing, like an old sea dog. For the following items describe and use diagrams to apply the Navigation Rules identifying the 'stand-on' and 'give-way' vessel in each situation.

Navigation Lights Describe the purpose of a Float Plan and to whom it should be submitted. Describe the use and regulations for flares.

Basic Keelboat

Let out your sails and see the effect. Describe methods of bbasic an overboard recovery victim back on deck after the vessel is stopped alongside.

Demonstrate ability to recognize and forecast prevailing local weather conditions. Sail on a Broad Reach Explain at least two different approach plans for other conditions.

American Sailing Association

State the Federal Blood Alcohol Content limit for vessel operation. Be familiar with the U. Able to skipper ,eelboat sloop-rigged keelboat of approximately 20 to 27 feet in length by day in light to moderate winds up to 15 knots and sea conditions. Explain how to read the wind and determine all points of sail.

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