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One night Birdie watches her father and his new girlfriend drive away with Cole. While Birdie describes Samantha as having "deep-set eyes, caramel complexion As Deck spells out to Birdie, race is not just an artificial construct, but a year-old scientific error: I also wonder not just about the physical appearance but the other aspects that make up character, that connect a child to a parent, that allow a child to understand themselves and their inclinations, interests etc. When Birdie makes a trip to New York City and sees young black people dancing to hip-hop, it seems to motivate her to reconnect with her blackness, and after an encounter with Samantha, she decides to return to Boston to find Cole.

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She clings to her blackness even as she hides it. Birdie could be Sicilian. In Garrity instituted the desegregation of Boston schools through busing and the tense but stable relationships between communities exploded into violence between the Irish and Black communities.

Its about a young girl coming to grips with her reality, and for mixed people race is an everyday reality. In Garrity instituted the desegregation of Boston schools through Masterfully crafted vehicle for looking honestly at culture and race. The less I behaved like myself, the more I could believe that this was still a game. This was all a game of make-believe. But the story isn't really about these two, the intellectual and sennna practical parent, but their daughters, Birdie and Cole, girls who have traces of their parents and grandparents within them, traces they won't see until much later.

Which sister seems to have become more like Deck, and which more like Sandy?

Senna also uses beauty danz show how black female bodies are sexualized and criticized. His pleasure that she showed up, and equating it to a canary surviving in a coal mine, along with his preoccupation with his theories on race causes Birdie to express her anger with him.

The book is written in 3 parts: Cole, with her dark skin, fits in with the other girls at their all-black school, while Birdie is light-skinned enough to "pass" as white. Anna Shapiro, The Observer's review longed for a more enhanced and nuanced narration. I'm hoping to read Senna's new book this week. I think it would be ssenna great book club or discussion read because it brings up so many points about race in our ever changing yet stagnant society that it leads one into a mode of self assessment.


In a racially divided Boston after the advent of civil rights, the sisters are sent to a black power school. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Birdie and Cole are so close, they have their own made up language they speak fluently, that no one else can understand. National Public Radio, It maybe based on real events in the author's life. The fact that her mother is white and her father is black, and the setting is Boston in the s, is critical to the story: Even after her transformation Samantha receives critiques of seeking attention and looking like a hooker.

How awful that the sisters had to be separated! Retrieved August 5, To see the idea of race through sugar-coated Coke bottle glasses, racial and cultural differences are to be explored and celebrated. The different ways race is weaved in to The story is mind blowing.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Deck falls into caucasua disdain for a friend who comes out after a lifetime of "passing" as straight; Birdie is befriended by a transvestite hooker. It wasn't bad but I was expecting more. For Birdie, Cole is the mirror in which she can see her own blackness.

Caucasia by Danzy Senna - Reading Guide -

Sandy's inability to parent two black girls and to understand her black husband only reinforced her background that she tried to escape. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Naomi.

During the day Caucasa struggles with what it means to be Black; as her sister begins cornrowing her hair and receiving "Negritude for Beginners" lessons from their Papa, Birdie finds herself being picked on at their all black school "Black is beautiful" "Then you must be ugly".

Is her ability to disappear a blessing or a curse?

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