Customs form 2976

APO addresses need one of the old forms. You can request these at the Post Office. Fill in the Total Value. I saved a box of the small green and white forms to use for APOs.

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Most military addresses are two lines long. Provide details if the contents are subject to quarantine plant, animal, food products, etc. Your goods may be subject to restrictions. Friday, January 20, 4: If it prints just 2, one goes custoks a copy of the form for the customer, one goes on a copy for the Post Office, and you tear up the remaining copies of the form.

I leave this blank.

We were told to say packaging for priority has to be large enough to support the new label and the form in it's sleeve, all on the front. It is your responsibility to inquire into ckstoms and export regulations, restrictions such as quarantine, pharmaceutical restrictionsetc.

It is used on any package weighing over four pounds. The Customs Form A January version will look pretty much like this: You cannot delete your posts in this forum. I feel like it takes twice as long now to do an International package. Enter the total weight of the package in pounds and ounces, including packaging, which corresponds to the weight used to calculate the postage.

You cannot just leave it for the mail carrier or put it in a Automated Postal Center.

Date and sign the form. If your item is accompanied by a license or a customz, enter the number. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. In all honesty it's so new, I feel as if customs see's the paper form in a sleeve and has no idea otherwise. As long as info is in system. I guess the paper form is sufficient enough for them.

It asks for basically the same information, but in a smaller form. And just use the printed customs form?

Customs Form A for

Items returned to sender are subject to return charges at sender's expense. What was the point of changing over to this form. Write the ZIP code where it says " postcode. You should enclose an invoice for all commercial items. After custlms fill out your customs form, you will have to take it and your package to the Post Office. Write in your name.

Postal Employees

Write this on the two street lines. The form must be stamped. Click the option to Redirect to Address Below.

In the detailed description of the contents, write what you put in the box. Write in your soldier's name. KrazyK I never use the printed customs sticker just the one they are filling out. I leave it blank. A false or misleading declaration may lead to a fine or to seizure of the item. We've been using the R for international express too.

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