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Like that there is nobody equal to you or nobody who is uttama or uppermost in quality or character or functionalites or excellent to you. In your three Avataras of Hanuma-Bhima-Madhwa You faced all tortures given by your enemies You have all-gunas, you are all-knower, all powerful You are clean, master of death and free from bondage You are protected by Lord Vishnu, you are master of Sankara You are the delight of the righteous, no wonder in that. Mukhyaprana you successfully smashed Sankara's theory of illusion with your strongly eleoguent, persuasive, and authoritatively convincing arguments and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that 1 Sri Hari is Sarvottama 2 Sri Hari is Gunapurna 3 Sri Hari is Gyananandamaya 4 This creation Jagat is true 5 Souls are always subservient to Hari 6 Between them the souls are different entities-one from the other and they ae graded as Superior and Inferior according to their inherent merit and demerit. Narayana Panditacharya's father Tivikrama Panditacharya was an erudite scholar, initiated from boyhood in all the works of Shankara, challenged Srimadananda Thirtha and argued with him for 18 days and finally felt convinced of Madhva Philosophy and surrendering himself to the godly prowess of Srimadananda Thirtha became his disciple and even wrote Tattvapradipika, rich commentary on the Brahmasutra Bhashya of Srimad Acharya. Translation One who is omini present Sri Narasimha, your nails should protect myself and like me all others at all times.

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BhagavathpadasevorathiH alone was his object and aim and he earned it in ample measure. Our Anandathirtha who has hsri a thorough and dispassionate research, established Sri Hari as Anandagyana Deva, Jiva-Jada Bhinnah, Sarvottama, Sakalaloka pravartaka and takes his cudgels and sending them to Andhatamas, punishes them to rot in eternal misery.

Sri Ananda Thirtha is the third incarnation of Sri Vayu. All right minded thikers have rallied round Srimadacharya with reverential prayers to earn his Good graces for the attainment har Moksha.

Full text of "Sri Hari Vaayu Stuti"

It is said that when Trivikrama Panditacharya presented his work, Sri Madhva insisted that the work should not be dedicated to his praise alone and instantly composed the Nakha Stuti and instructed that harl be chanted before and after the Vayu Stuti.

However one day, Trivikrama Panditacharya got increasingly curious as the sound of bells was not heard even after a long time. These powers are indefatigable, invincible, and all powerful. These contributions swell the Sfuti coffers- to be utilised by the king whose prestige is maintained by allowing him to live like a lord in a gorgeous mansion, to ride on richly bedecked elephants or palanguins. February 4, at 4: That the mount is 50, yojanas as distant from Lanka makes your feet almost bewilderingly wonderful.

Samsara means the immortal soul's incessant travel from mortal body to body. Men and women devotees, Who were destined to an eternal stay in Vxyu, can never dream of any sense of casual pleasures of the Earth.

I fall prostrate at your and Sri Badarayana's lotus feet to befit myself for yor choice graces. It should be remembered that Avatar forms are not the blood and flesh of parents.

Hungry and thirsty emaciated with parched throats, these Daityas clamour for help, while hideouts looking vultures pounce upon them mercilessly the deal fresh thrusts with their sharp pointed beaks. They have gained a widened outlook, tremendous piety, for the suffering humanity, sincerely realising the profound truth of your all- prevading presence with Sri Hari. Therefore do I feel blessed to follow you, serve you and propagate your achievements of this third avatar.

Vayu Stuti

Sri Vayu gives them a new body to pursue their mad attempts at pleasure. Sri Vayu thy enemies suffer restless agony from the fierce piercing thrust of sharp, keen-edged beaks as hard as diamonds- by the blood-sucking monstrous creatures. You wrote the masterly Sutra Bhashya and Mahabaratha Tatparya Nirnaya which are the precious gems and this service was much applauded by sincere souls. Mukhyaprana, the most intelligent and powerful one As you were treating the affected ones with the Sanjeevini Your mind was engaged in praising the virtues of Sri Rama You lifted and threw back the mountain, huge and wide It reached its place, not a stone was misplaced, all intact What skill, what strength you possess, O divine Kapi.

Perceiving Bhima's absence and learning from Draupadi that Bhima had gone to fetch flowers, Dharmaraja and his other brothers reached there, in search of Bhima.

These three worlds are controlled by Vayu who with his massive Ace protect the residents of these regions from being defiled or invaded. This verse deals with profound devotion exhibited by Gods. You came to this earth through Madhyageha Bhatta the renowned Brahamana who dwelt in Rupyapeeta-the well known holy city Pajaka Kshethra in the dominion of Udipi. It is not a prakrutha body. Thus were you fortunate to be blessed by both with your selfless service always wishing to propitiate them.

The air bearing the essence of the herbs brought the unconsious to life's activity. What a sight it is to witness the vast assemblage of many a released soul listenining with rapt attention to your enrapturing eloguence which hzri them spell-bound.

Enter your email stui to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Such souls have exerted themselves to curbs their minds after and controlling their tongues have resisted all temptations to enjoy bodily pleasures and in many birth have earned merit to qualify themselves for this worthy prize.

Vayuputra Bheema, you also easily killed Kirmira, Baka's brother when in anger, he appraoched you for retaliation. His lotus feet emit captivating aroma and striking lustre. The mad pursuit to satisfy these pleasures is almost unending.

Jiva is Alpa, Anadi, Anantha always subservient to his will.

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