Jesu dulcis memoria

Pierpoint in 2nd edition Lyra Eucharistica , No voice can sing, no heart can frame, Nor can the memory find, A sweeter sound than Jesus' Name, The Saviour of mankind. The Very Thought Of Thee! Only the 2nd edition, Leipzig, , is now extant [Royal Library, Hannover], and there the translation, being broken up into sets of 3 stanzas, begins at p. Lobet den Herrn, Gesangbuch fuer alle Zeiten des Kirchenjahres d

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On the other hand Mr. Crown of the angels, Thy sweet Name.

Jesu dulcis memoria

A few excerpts from that work follow. It is found in all the best English and American hymn-books now in common use, and is usually given in an unaltered form. Printed forms of the hymn can be found in many resources including Daniel 48 stanzasMone 24 stanzas and a doxologyand Wackernagel 50 stanzasamong others.

Bernard; and there are many parallels to it in his genuine prose works, especially that on the Canticles. Three of these present nearly the same text as that in Laud Misc.

Jesu dulcis memoria - Wikipedia

Aylward, in Shipley's Annus Sanctus, p. Caswall's as above, divided into five decades. Linke's edition of Rinkart's Geistliche Mdmoria, p. Only the 2nd edition, Leipzig,is now extant [Royal Library, Hannover], and there the translation, being broken up into sets of 3 stanzas, begins at p.

Jesu, delight of every heart. The most probable moment of his life would then be aboutwhen he was residing in retirement and was weary with the world. The complete hymn as found in the Benedictine edition of the Opera of St. The length of the hymn and the fact that it was not specially appropriate for any of the usual offices of the Church made its use for some time limitedition In the Frankfurt manuscript, employed by Mone, of the 24 stanzas selected three are apportioned to each of the eight canonical hours of the day; and Fabricius duulcis the 47 stanzas of his text according to a similar plan.

Hymns of the Church: Bernard contains forty-eight stanzas.

Jesu, dulcis memoria

The Holy Name has Jesu in all the cases except the nom. Wallace gave 14 stanzas in 4 memria in his Hymns ,emoria the Church, as "Jesus, to think of Thee.

Translation by Father Caswall. Johnston's English Hymnal2nd edition,portions of E. This is appointed for Matins at the same Festival, and is composed of stanzas 9, 11, 4, 14, and the added stanza, "Te nostra Jesu vox sonet.

Jesu, the heart's own Sweetness and true memorla. Hodges in his The County Palatine In some collections, including the Methodist Episcopal Hymnal, it begins with st. Schaff in his Christ in Song justly styles the hymn as "the sweetest and most evangelical Jesu dulcis memoria First Line: Jesu, Thou sweetness, pure and blest.

More glorious than the sun to see. Caswall, in his Lyra Catholica, p. It is best known as the Joyful or Jubilee Rhythm of St.

These centos are printed in full in 0. This translation is not in common use. The memory sweet of Jesus' Name. Sweet and with enjoyment fraught.

Roman Hymnal, Complete edition: Neale, and the rest, also by Neale, are new.

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