The dark room rachel seiffert

Seiffert's deliberately dispassionate narrative works to capture the rigid and self-righteous convictions of Germany's general population. I suppose calling it a novel is convenient because that conveys that is prose fiction. This page was last edited on 19 September , at We understand that what has been included on the page is what needed to be included; we are reminded of the fact that many writers write many words which they ought not to have written at all. Of course sometimes you get exhausted.

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I've tried reading a few and it's not that I don't like them, I simply don't enjoy them.

The wrong kind of German

Making her way across the countryside she is joined by a young man named Thomas who bears a numbered tattoo on his arm and papers that identify him as a survivor of Buchenwald. Why do you leave these hanging?

The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert. The plot lines are actually very good, although I don't know why there was a need to write 3 unlinked stories, Lore's alone would have been a good stand alone novel, and it was certainly the best of the three.

Michael is a teacher who becomes obsessed with determining whether or rahel his grandfather was responsible for Waffen SS massacres in Belarus. While Lore and her siblings were raised to hate Jews, this man is their only chance at survival.

And through it all, you ask yourself, 'What would I have done if it were me?

I picked it up because I was curious about the middle story, "Lore," having been very impressed with rachle film adaptation ; it's possibly even more rqchel in writing. Rachel Seiffert has worked in film and community education and currently writes for a living. The word used to define the book is not important to me, but I do consider the book to be not three different stories, but a single, whole piece of fiction.

The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert

The characters on the first two sections were fas The first two sections of this book were fascinating and Seifffert struggled through the third thinking somehow it would all come together in the end, which it didn't. I had some trouble getting into the first story, "Helmut," as its yhe character was the one I found the hardest to connect with, but I did love the angle of looking at the war's momentum through the lens of a photographer who is driven by the need to document but lacks any real context for the things he was looking at.

The second novella begins towards the end of the war. The final chapter, and longest, brings the narrative to the present, and to Micha, whose loving grandfather's service in the Waffen SS in the East, forces him to question his and his family's response to the atrocities committed by the Germans and their allies in the Second World War.

The German baby boomers have been living with this awful feeling of guilt, asking themselves what role their parents played in the holocaust and why the young people in Germany did not seem to question the Hitler Regime.

The Dark Room (Seiffert novel) - Wikipedia

Michael notes his pupils do not have a vocabulary of guilt, instead they weep over the words of the survivors as 'those are the words they are taught'. Although it was spoken of highly by authors whom I respect, I did not like this book and I will not read another one by this author. Yet this is not a refusal to acknowledge events. Jan 03, Brenda Hawley rated it really liked it.

Dec 18, Pages.

The Dark Room (Seiffert novel)

It's probably a 2. The first two stories are moving descriptive accounts, which in themselves are interesting fictionalised accounts of stories that must have been repeated countless times. This is a complex text filled with ethical questions and paradoxes, yet Seiffert takes the wise decision of offering a simply phrased and understated narrative, made up of three distinct, thematically linked stories charting the loss of a nation's innocence.

I can't recommend this enough. Apr 11, Tamar rated it really liked it. Each of the stories bears its main character's name.

Seiffert is part German and I felt this was an attempt to imaginatively engage with Germans who were Nazis and with the effects on their families. Three Stories set in Germany [s] 3 42 Sep 08, This, from Afterwards Would the former alleged monstrosity annul the good things he had done and the relationship selffert had?

Literary Fiction Historical Fiction Category: I found this siffert both compelling and thought provoking about the nature of inherited guilt and the aftermath on subsequent generations. An elderly Nazi collaborator speaks: Australian director Cate Shortland adapted the middle section into the film Lore in Two of the stories focus on the effects of parents and grandparents having been Nazis.

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