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Edie - A 15 year old girl who moves away from her family to work for the Peebles family. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Peebles to the lake.

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And Edie is quite a storyteller; even as a teenager, she has a quick wit and healthy sense of identity even though she also seeks greater fulfillment in life. Yet she does notice the marked difference in lifestyles between her family and the Peebles, especially in their laborsaving devices, and she feels somewhat uncomfortable making use of facilities such as their bath, something that, to her, is very elegant.

Husbabd takes Edie through a Coming of Age "process" as she gets a job and moves away from her family, gets infatuated with Chris, who is a man that is not returning the same towards her as he leaves and helps Edie learn to grow up and learn from her naive ways. Houston, we have a problem!

Delete comment or cancel. Chris tells Edie of his soon departure and that he will write letters and keep in touch with her and then they both kiss, which Edie mistakes as true love and intimacy.

The Mailman - Edie's future husband, who towards the end, is portrayed as a shy man who converse with Munr everyday as she waits near the mailbox for a letter that will never come.

He always tells the children the story of how Alife went after him by sitting by the mailbox every day, and naturally I laugh and let him, because I like for people to think what pleases them and makes them happy. Peebles's things, and his compliments on her appearance enchant her. They marry, have children, and find happiness.

He is sensible and stops before it goes further. With this sentence for starters, there are a lot of stories the reader could write about Edie and her mailman. The story is about a young girl, Edie, who is hired help for Dr. Those two issues out of the way, perhaps a bit of context is appropriate. All she can think of is the fear that he will tell Mrs.

What is the point of view in "How I Met My Husband" by Alice Munro?

She tells her story with more wonder than not at her good fortune for having met both men. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Creating downloadable prezi, be yow. She is shy but not particularly self-conscious, and like Del Jordan of Munro's Lives huzband Girls and Women she admires her own body.

The story reflects an aspect of Munro's work that is seldom noticed—her strong consciousness of class.

How I Met My Husband Summary

It does not matter that love started off hurtful and wrong. Edie knows that everyone believes that she waited every day by the mailbox because she wanted to see the mailman, and she does not correct this perception. When Alice and Mrs. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The pilot sensibly does not allow his urges full rein; when they say goodbye, he promises Edie that he will write to her. Sometimes I thought about the way we lived out at home and the way we lived here and how one way was so hard to imagine when you were living the other way.

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How I Met My Husband by Alice Munro, |

When Alice accompanies the Peebles on a picnic to the lake the next day, Edie bakes Chris a cake and learns that he has decided to pull up stakes and make his getaway. Edie, concerned that Mrs.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Soon after, Edie meets Alice Kelling, Chris's fiance. Begin typing the name of a book or author: A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. If we are open, love can find us anywhere.

How I Met My Husband - Wikipedia

Peebles learns why the pilot has come, he says, "I'd like to see this neighborhood from the air. She bakes him a cake for what she doesn't at first realize is his going away party. Peebles about her unauthorized "borrowing" of the clothes, and she visits him late one night to ask him to keep her secret.

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