Modern exterior ballistics

To comment on a post, click Post Title or "Comment" Link. This is not strictly true. At flight speeds above Mach 0. The precise measure- ments made possible by modem facilities have significantly ad- vanced the current state of knowledge of the aerodynamic forces and moments that act on projectiles.

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The first integration gives: Nora Roberts Hardcover Books. An excellent descrip- tion of the aircraft aerodynamic system was given by Perkins and Hage Ref.

This is the grand-daddy ballistics model of them all. The two bullets are intended to be ballistically matched, and comparison of these two figures shows that a ballistic match has indeed been achieved.

The Magnus moment coefficient can be either positive or negative, de- pending on the projectile shape, the center of gravity location, the amplitude of yawing motion and the flight Mach number. In a report published inBecker and Cranz Ref.

Nonlinear Aerodynamic Forces and Moments This chapter modenr the most difficult to understand in the entire book. Mega Buzz Inc Condition: The time of flight to 50 yards is 0.

He timed the fall of spheres in St. The various compo- nents of the aerodynamic drag force behave ballistixs significantly differ- ent ways in different speed regions, which gives rise to some of the interesting drag coefficient plots we will discuss later in this chap- ter.

Damon Cali is the creator of the Bison Ballistics website and a high power rifle shooter currently living in Nebraska. A boattail angle around ten degrees appears to be the largest practical angle for an attached turbulent boundary layer at subsonic speeds, provided the boattail is not much over one-half caliber in length.

Shadowgraphs of various projectiles spheres, moderh, cones, and missiles are also shown with some commentary. To comment on a post, click Post Title or "Comment" Link.

Salazar Reviews Modern Exterior Ballistics by Robert McCoy « Daily Bulletin

The details are left to the reader, who is encouraged to work through this problem and verify the results. In the mid-twentieth century, the simultaneous advent of con- tinuous-flow supersonic wind tunnels, operational spark photography ranges, and modem high-speed digital computers revolutionized the science of exterior ballis- tics.

The boundary layer separates just aft of the equatorial plane the plane perpendicular to the flight path, containing the maximum diameter of the sphereand a weak oblique shock wave forms at the boundary layer sepa- ration point. The row of cylindrical cans to the left of the stations are the spark light sources, and the square frames in front of the stations support coils of fine electrical wire, used for electro- static triggering.

Modern Exterior Ballistics by Robert McCoy

The top solid curve is for tangent ogives, and the bottom dashed curve is for secant ogive noses. The book is specifically aimed at those with an undergraduate back- ground in mathematics, physics, or the mechanical and aerospace engineering sci- ences, all of which are suitable fields of study for a career in exterior ballistics. Bob was one of the mofern respected members of the staff of the U. Some knowledge of fluid mechanics will make it a little more interesting, but is not required.

It is the best up-to-date overview of the math and physics used by modern ballistics engineers that I have come across. One purpose of this example is to illustrate what happens when the flat-fire approximation is pushed beyond the limit of its validity. A number of theoretical studies have considered the problem of ogive shapes for minimum supersonic wave drag.

Modern Exterior Ballistics: The Launch and Flight Dynamics of Symmetric Projectiles

We first convert 10 MPH moderrn feet per second. Army Ballistics Research Laboratory. The elimination of time between the parametric equations 3. Selected values from the Ball M2 drag curve are listed in Table 6.

Other than the fact that both curves show rapid change in the vicinity of Mach 1. Leave this field empty.

Note that equations 5. Modem writers divide the subject into interior, exterior, and terminal ballistics, which describe, respectively, the propulsion, atmospheric flight, and tar- get impact action of projectiles.

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