Sap bods interview questions

These memory tables get data from tables in Relational database or using hierarchical data files like XML message and IDocs. What is a transformation in Data Services? A script is a single-use object that is used to call functions and assign values in a workflow. Delimited format — Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field.

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The following sections describe ways you can adjust Data Integrator performance Source-based performance options Using array fetch size Caching data Join sao Minimizing extracted data Target-based performance options Loading method and rows per commit Staging tables to speed up auto-correct loads Job design performance options Improving throughput Maximizing the number of pushed-down operations Minimizing data type conversion Minimizing locale conversion Improving Informix repository performance Next Do you know the answer?

Real time jobs are not executed in response of a schedule or internal trigger unlike the batch jobs. A Parameter is an expression that passes a piece of information to a work flow, data flow or custom function when it is called in a job. Remove redundant and obsolete objects from the repository tables.

BusinessObjects Data Services provides a graphical interface that allows you to easily create jobs that extract data fromheterogeneous sources, transform that data questiona meet the business requirements of your organization, and load the data into a single location. A transform enables you to control how datasets change in a dataflow. The content of source and target system to determine that your job returns the result dap expected. There are three types of Repositories: They are used in the match process to greatly increase match results.

The maximum value is What is a transform?

Most of the objects that are stored in repository can be reused. We won't spam you. A Repository is a set of tables that hold system objects, source and target metadata, and transformation rules. What is a real time Job?

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Post a Reply Cancel reply. Often bocs come across scenarios where we have the flat file definition in an excel sheet and we need to create corresponding File Format in SAP Data Services.

All lookup functions return one row for each row in the source. Name the transforms needed and the task they will perform.

SAP BODS Interview Questions in India

Information Steward Repository stores all the metadata of profiling tasks and objects created in information steward. Project, Job, Workflow, Dataflow. Data extractions time slot for different systems vary as per the time zone and operational hours.

Answer Project, Job, Workflow, Dataflow. Name the transform that you would use to combine incoming data sets to produce a single output data set with the same schema as the questiins data sets.

Memory Datastores are designed to enhance processing performance of data flows executing in real-time jobs. What are file formats? What is the use of Map-Operation Transfrom? Central repository is used to control the version management of the objects and is used for multiuse development.

You can create real time jobs to process real time messages in Data Quesions designer.

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It is used to control the version management of the objects and is used for multiuse development. There is a fact table that you want to update and you have created a data flow with the transformation. What is the innterview of data flow in DS? What are Memory Datastores?

SAP BODS Interview Questions

What is the template table? Everything having to do with data, including reading sources, transforming data, and loading targets, occurs inside a data flow. In Data Services, you can create a template table to move to target intdrview that has same structure and data type as source table.

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