Siddhar varalaru in tamil

No other Tamil literature would have been so plagued with forgeries, interpolations, concoctions and manipulations than Siddha literature. Works like Jnanvettiyan , Jnanavetti evidently written in 19th cent. The Chinese rulers CE had been so obsessed with elixir and they called an Indian magician Na-lo-erh-so-po-mei The later Siddha tradition is marked with deviation to that extent that it is against Tirumular tradition, as it rejects Vedas, rituals, etc. Later, it was stopped obviously because of Islamization introduced vigorously to check the Muslim poets, because orthodox Islam does not encourage the works like Andavar Pillaittamil composed by Sakkarai Pulavar etc.

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However, the Sakti worhip is predominantly noted in his work.

They have determined the dates, particularly that of modern group existed from 16th to 19th centuries, based on certain synchronisms and extraneous evidences without considering or going into the details of the Siddha literature. But, Siddha and Saiva Siddhanta literature survive only with the fundamentals of Vedas. Zvelebil 12 and M.

varalatu He is believed to author more than 42 works on Siddha medicine. However, the word Siddhan is used to denote Sivan and as well as Buddha.

File:Maruthamalai-Pambatti siddhar cave - Wikimedia Commons

The experiments of changing baser metals into Gold might have attracted Chinese counterparts. Their names, contributions, popular beliefs about them and probable place where they attained Samadhi eternal consciousness are listed below.

Kudamba i His place of birth and Samadhi is Mayavaram His works are more towards spiritual bliss and gnana yoga His tamip contribution is Kudambai siddhar padalgal.

We do not siddharr donations. His Guru Master was Sddhar. The style, language, syntax, etc. His hypothesis on Atomic theory is considered to be reinstated as Nanotechnology in recent times.

Tamil Siddha medicinal system thus knew the method only between 13th — 17th cent. The Siddhars by their spiritual and yogic practices attained immense knowledge and experience in Vaithiyam MedicineVatham AlchemyJothidam AstrologyManthirigam Thanthric practicesYogam Meditation and yogic exercises and Gnanam Knowledge about the Almighty.

They have written many important books on medicine, alchemy, spirituality, etc.

There are 96 books believed to be authored by Agathiyar including classical works like Vaidiya Sigamani, Chendhooram -Mani, Sivajalam, Sakthijalam. As pointed out above, though the tradition of Tamil Islamic literature reportedly started in the 12th century, most of the works were compiled in 18th th centuries.

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The reasons for such acts are analyzed as follows: Till the Muslim domination, the Indian arts and sciences had ni at the peak and they were disseminated in other countries. Usage of herbs alone. Definitely, there was opposition to the Christian priests and activities, as they were misusing Hindu Sanyasi dress and other symbols.

Siddhas and Siddha Medical System Though the Siddhas and Siddha medical system have been conceived and considered as one, their exact relation is doubted by some scholars Siddhars attain this spiritual perfection through rigorous practice and experimentation.

Siddha medicine reached at zenith during Tamil siddhars.

List of All 18 Tamil Siddhar Yogis and their Contributions

Bagavathar Vedanayagam Sastri, another Christian has composed poems imitating Siddhas on which the Christian researchers have made much fuss. They also tried to deny the link between Siddhas and Sufis and that of Siddhas connection with the Middle East, particularly, with Kaba and Arabia.

Mohammed Uwais and P. The movements of Siddhas from one country to another, particularly, that of Bogar, Punaikannar, Romamuni, Cattaiyar, Ramanandar and others are recorded only in the literature and not in other sources for cross verification.

Please protect Dharma by following its values, which include non-stealing. Except, the peculiar, mysterious, puzzling, obscure, esoteric Siddhar literature, the other evidences sidhdar are scanty and they do not support to decide their chronology.

Period 7th to 12th Centuries. His work on classification of diseases is note worthy. Edaikkadar He is also known as Edaikkadu siddhar. Twmil of the Siddhars of Tirumular tradition shad reportedly either came from or gone to China. His Samadhi is believed to be in Thiruvarur Even available sketch portrays him as an Arabic scholar and not Tamil scholar, then, it ios not known as to how he composed in Tamil.

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