Upon the midnight clear sherrilyn kenyon

Stop whining like a toddler and grow a ball or two! And even though he'd given all but his life to them, it hadn't been enough. But his brother didn't care, he wanted everything. View all 11 comments. I want Acheron back!

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So she heads off to Earth to save his target, and she and he heal each other and fall in love in typical Sherrilyn Kenyon fashion: But not ALL people.

He is more famous and sexier than Brand Pit. Leta is the Dream-Hunter who put Dolor in stasis.

Book Review – Upon a Midnight Clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I've heard some fans say that the Dream-Hunter stories are the weakest in the series, and I'm beginning to see why. Lyssa is the personification of insanity and only speaks in rhymes. It's been a while since I read this series. Had given sherriyn to them, hand over fist, wanting them to have a better life than the hell he'd known growing up.

He went through all this trouble because he was rich and famous and his brother wasn't Aidan worked hard to get out of the horrible situation he was in. Sep 04, Rebecca everyday reader rated it it was amazing Shelves: It would have been better but for 2 things.

Added by 8 of our members. Ok so Aidan has been betrayed by most of his loved ones. At that time, Leta herself went into a sleep state and was only awakened when Dolor was.

That was a great line! Okay, I get that his family were a bunch of greedy a-holes who betrayed him for money and tried to kill him, but, hey, everyone has problems.

Upon the Midnight Clear

Leta, she is a strong-willed and powerful dream-hunter. The characters make choices with little depth of thought, including Aidan who comes to trust Leta too quickly for someone who has basically checked out on life due to extreme betrayals in his past.

Unless you are familiar with the characters in the Dark-Hunter series, you may have trouble following this. To put it mildly, I was bored, bored, bored.

Upon the Midnight Clear (Dark-Hunter, book 14) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

While normally, the story usually is told in a way that Persephone hates Hades and is forced to be with him, this one is very romantic. Leta trapped him so he could not hurt anyone else.

And cllear at best. His brother Styxx is there for some reason and asking Acheron to give him a second chance. The book was pretty slow in the beginning, but it did pick up with the final fight scene. There were a few scenes.

View all 7 comments. Jul 14, Grecia Robles rated it liked it. Leta goes to fight Dolor and help Aidan live. Isolated in a cabin, he just wants to be left alone. Aidan is a great actor who has been betrayed so much in his life that now he just wants to be left alone. Unfortunately, this hpon probably the one I'd name for Ms. What was most heartbreaking was Aiden and how he has been treated clead everyone he knows, and his brother is just horrid.

She handles it like a champ though. Maybe I could've enjoyed it if I hadn't read so many other Dark-Hunter books.

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