Besos de sangre jeaniene frost

Smart, funny, witty, tough, but with a bit of dorkiness that makes her so lovable and relatable. I was horribly disappointed to discover that he's only 5'9". Where this book falls in the "okay" category is that it relies heavily on the dynamics of the two main characters. This led to baby Cat. Spade could have fulfilled this role but as with ever other character in this book his personality was undeveloped.

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A cambio de encontrar a su padre, Cat acuerda entrenar con el sexy sahgre nocturno hasta que sus habilidades de combate sean tan afiladas como sus colmillos.

They must have been delighted when Frost walked in the door because her novel is pretty much the combination of sex, action and supernatural elements without ANYTHING else. I did actually enjoy the first two or three chapters, which I read as a Kindle sample.

Besos de Sangre

It's descriptive, not cool. I hardly ever do this.

Why can't there be men like them walking around, throwing themselves at me? Anyway, Cat is a badass, especially after Bones' training, and they take down crime together.

He's blond, British, and is essentially a ball of love. In conclusion, only read this book if you like condescending pricks, heroine's who aren't as bad-ass as they think they are and who hate all women including themselves, and being dick-slapped in the jeanieen by internalized misogyny. I just stared at her for a minute. For a longer review in Greek, follow the link: I felt like they could come up with another plan, just once to szngre things up a bit.

To ask other readers questions about Besos de sangreplease sign up. I remember reading this as my first semi erotic and mature paranormal book back in high school. It was a really great first book of the series. In this case, a number of friend reviews, particularly Mimi's revi Two and a half stars.

I have to get this dangre my chest first: Ladies, gentlemen, and other gentlepeople, behold this jeaniiene guy harassing the shit out of Cat's only friend: Why is it that many of the good men are fictional?

Besos de sangre by Jeaniene Frost

Bones is a pretty awesome character - he's bad-ass,funny as hell,sarcastic and hot with a capital H. There might be a few spoilers in this review, so be warned. Wish I had a visual aid for that one.

I can see why it appeals to some readers but it's just not a book I enjoy. Can't wait to read Book 2! Romanticising of abusive behaviour - man is possessive and in charge and constantly puts the woman in her place through disrespectful words and behaviour. There is also only ONE love interest pretty much. And it widens oddly at his forehead. Some by bad luck. Another tee-hee-hee later and we were off. Open Preview See a Problem?

For me, UF is either a hit or miss with me. The first rays of dawn pierced the sky. To view it, click here. What really works in this book besides delicious Bones?

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