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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The team developing OroCRM open source customer relationship management has just unveiled the functionalities for the 2. I got mine as a soft copy, I dont think they have it as a hark copy This message was edited 1 time. You would like to give an opinion?

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Please fill out the following fields to share the details of your proposed solution Step 1: Applications Business intelligence suites. Add original for managing collaborative processes and analysis of geo-reference. Rating and details - Please fill out all the the notes. Technical Features Big Data.

Il faudrait surtout comparer ce qui est comparable: SpagoBI offers a wide range of tools:. It provides two conceptual models which are called Analytical Model and Behavioural Model, administration tools and cross-platform services. Sign In with Social Media:.

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SpagoBI Open Source

The Analytical function covered are reports, to show structured data in a pixel-perfect way, OLAP analysis, sapgobi navigate through data, Graphs, providing simple and intuitive views of the inelligence, real-time dashboards, to monitor the KPIs, KPI models, to build and test one's own performance monitoring model, Geo-referenced reporting, to publish data over a geographical representation, Cockpits, to realize complex and interactive dashboards, free Inquiry QbEto build one's own query and generate the first report template, and data mining processes, to discover hidden information.

It allows to extract knowledge, discover patterns from large volumes of data to improve decision making and business strategies. Stratebi is the first and only certified partner in Spain. Intrlligence allows end-users to freely create their own multi-sheet reports, including ijtelligence tables, cross-tables and charts in the document template. Synopsis SpagoBI is an Open Source Business Intelligence suite, which offers a large range of analytical functions, a functional semantic layer and a set of advanced data visualization features including geospatial analytics.

SpagoBI offers all necessary tools to create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchy models, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarm rules.

Business Intelligence with SpagoBI BOOKs

I'll add my support to this thread and re-iteration of the question. And how can I get this update? Publish your personal documents into your BI environment, integrating common Office tools. SpagoBI offers a complete set of tools to create, manage, visualize KPI, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarms.

Collaboration Create structured reports, improve the analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users. SpagoBI allows users to aggregate several documents into a single view and to interact with them in a dynamic and intuitive way. Just wanted to add a voice to the thread - the SpagoBI E-book currently in more info indicates that an updated version of the book will be available in Then, share them through a collaborative workflow. Spago BI and Big Busihess. Home Business Solutions Verticales Analytics: Please fill out all the the notes.

It covers all areas of project analysis of Business Busineds, with totally innovative tools. The results can be displayed in different operating resources according to their needs, such as dashboards and real-time map, reports, Free Inquiry It is a core for exploration and navigation data in an intuitive and easy, thanks to a fully graphical interface and web. Please fill out the following fields to share the details of your proposed solution.

Visit regularly SpagoBI website, follow us on the social busibess and stay tuned! No specific date is available at the moment.

According to current needs, allow SpagoBI manage data in any format, allowing its analysis, including unstructured data, such as spagbi audio files, videos and images.

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