Chancellor williams the destruction of black civilization

Rebirth of African Civilization 4. But you have to ask yourself seriously now, is that all you want. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Ancient Greeks did not hold the same race views as modern Americans. Tolerance means to tolerate someone, or something.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Williams was president of a baking company, editor of a newsletter, The New Challenge, an economist, high school teacher and principal and a novelist. By the s, he was lecturing and writing about African history from a position of Afrocentrism. And so did the Ethiopians even til this day The thesis is suspect because all civilizations rise and fall and Africa had its time in the Sun. The Title along should raise a massive red flag.

Also there was no "black" civilization in antiquity, and certainly no concept of "black race" to be destroyed. Blcak and try again. Williams worked blac years to expand and revise the book before publishing a second edition.

I was never taught anything about treaties being broken between Native Americans and the government. A few other points for stronger unity would be to promote stronger marriages, early chilhood development and maybe better community centers that work with the school system and parents.

He believes that revealing the truth about African history would dispel any notion that Black people are lesser than, which was in many ways the basis of slavery. I dont wanna say too much without spoiling the reading. I am going to say more about this wonderful book. Williams was born on December 22,in BennettsvilleSouth Carolinaas the last of five children.

Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race From 4500 B.C. To 2000 A.D.

Published February 1st by Third World Press first published Of course, history is always a work in progress, but in Africa in particular, a lot of progress has been stymied by chance and by willful destr 3.

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I think that Chancellor Williams has a lot to say here, that also could have justified its own book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 21, Rafael Perez rated it it was amazing. Dec 28, Matthew Joseph rated it it was amazing. This is a VERY informative book that takes you through the history of the various dynasties and transitions of power between the races. The information and examples he gives are extensive and calls into question a lot of what has been taught regarding who deserves credit for many of the discoveries and accomplishments of that time.

So when I look at Africa, a continent rich civilizatiln history, I wonder why I know so little about it. Destruction of Black Civilization: To people of African decent, wake up and learn the truth. Holte International Biennial Prize.

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The book employs the use of focussing on great civilizations as an impetus for returning to pride in the African culture. I have been having quite a few conversations about how history is taught and why history is taught the way it is. A must read for may serious student wliliams West African History. His last study, completed incovered 26 countries and more than language groupings. And when they answered 'slavery' as the explanation, then I wanted to know where we came from. Another treasure trove of information about the history of West Africa this time.

Chancellor Civilizaation December 22, — December 7, was an African-American sociologist, historian and writer. Third World Press,p.

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