El apostol numero 13

Barefoot Sharon Garlough Brown. Like a lecturer teaching and giving comparison; so the student could think critically. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. All very heretical stuff, highly controversial, and out to spin the Vatican on its proverbial top. The story recounts events from the first century AD as the man they call Jesus's beloved disciple falls out with Peter in the aftermath of the crucifixion and he is driven into exile.

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I think this book could be much better and thats what i wa To be true i had a little bit of a hard time reading must of the chapters of this book. Sensible Shoes Sharon Garlough Brown.

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I'll stick to the likes of Steve Berry and James Rollins in future, much more exciting to numeto than this lark! Return to Book Page. Italy Qumran Israel Jerusalem Israel. The idea that somewhere there may be proof that Jesus was just a charismatic guy, whose body was removed and buried, and not some God who 'rose from the dead' is more than plausible; from that perspective, then, I enjoyed reading this book.

El apostol numero 13/ The Thirteenth Apostle

After so much is made of the consequences apostkl letter would have for Christianity, as a reader I got a bit bloodthirsty, and wanted to see some firework consequences, if just a tad. The story is interesting. Martin, wo sie sich dem Studium der Kirchengeschichte widmen.

The Red Tent Anita Diamant. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

El apostol numero 13/ The Thirteenth Apostle : Michel Benoit :

The Cost of Betrayal Dee Henderson. A Christmas Carol Dickens. Refresh and try again.

Die Schreibe ist amateurhaft und die Charaktere flach wie Esspapier. I must confess - I have never read Dan Brown ok. All very heretical stuff, highly controversial, and out to spin the Vatican on its proverbial top. Jerusalem Interlude Brock Thoene.

El Apostol Numero 13 Spanish Edition by Michel Benoit UsedGood | eBay

Looking for beautiful books? The only ideas i liked where the ones that gave arguments of how the Vatican and the church worked to handle information and mantain the status quo. The way Benoit using the different types of gospel as premises to relate, developed and redeveloped the plot is admirable to me that non christian could enjoy it.

Evidently his friend, Father Andrei had stumbled upon an ancient text that could change the Catholic Church as the followers know it. Will Father Nil find the text before the Vatican assassins find him?

The Furys James Hanley. apostil

For all true searchers willing to open avenues of though-provoking concrete evidence above the unchallenging recurring speeches we get at Catholic Church, must read this book. Though it stands out of the similar conspiracy novels of Dan Brown that to be honest I fancy the acting of Tom Hanks rather than the own scenessome of French, Italian and Vatican culture are depicted, leading readers through bare woods of suburbs of Paris to the Holiness in Vatican.

Because of his ideological non-conformity, he eventually left the Catholic Church and decided to devote himself to research and writing. It just flowed better. For me, the greater sin is the fundamental premise of the book.

It is Dan Brown-esque zpostol Angels and Demons but where Dan Brown whether you love or hate his work takes you on a white-water ride of action and suspense, this barely trickles along. This might be a result of poor translation from the original French, but once you make peace with the book's style, the language shouldn't be much of a stumbling block for enjoying the book.

Read it if you've nothing better. To be true i had a little bit of a hard time reading must of the chapters of this book. End of Days Wendy Alec. Miss Serena's Secret Carolyn Miller. All these woven into the main narrative, along with the power struggle between various cardinals jealous self advancement.

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