Navfac p 307

Special definitions moved to appendix A. Item 22 Addition of inspection for visible corrosion and debris. With Lab-Volt s Rigging System, students learn how to move. Lower hoist to unload rope sheaves.

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Item 25 Addition of seals, boots, and guards. Added note on slings and paragraph Paragraph e Addition of NCC and engineering review for specific circumstance. Paragraph Change in categorization of portable hoists. Paragraph New exception for multiple identical cranes on a specific barge. Paragraph j Added requirement to ensure required instructions are available in the cab and understood.

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This revision has been extensively revised from the previous edition and users should carefully read the entire revised paragraph. Determine the length needed and specify the end fittings required More information. Paragraph c Caution Clarification.

Accident and near-miss reports shall be signed. The work required under this section shall include the designing, manufacturing, shipping, installing and field testing.

Weight Handling

Paragraph d 5 Clarification. Paragraph d 3 Clarification.

Pictures of Cranes and Hoists 2. Figure Crane Condition Inspection Record Added additional required information for quadrennial load test, date of previous load test, and hook material and manufacturing method. Check that it is navfzc latest available version before use. Additional near miss guidance provided Paragraph Clarification. In the State, alloy steel chain, wire rope, natural and synthetic fiber rope, and synthetic web More information.

Paragraph b and c Editorial.


Load Testing and Lift Engineering Load Testing and Lift Engineering In today s 3077 climate, the importance of reliable, verifiable load testing cannot be overstated. Paragraph Added requirements for minimum clearances on ground level rail mounted cranes.

Wire rope made from More information. Describe basic inspection techniques. Paragraph Additional thread acceptance standards provided. Third party certification requirements moved to section 4.

Paragraph Relocated from paragraph Editorial. Paragraph a and d Clarification.

Paragraph Relocated from paragraph Note, applies to all floating cranes. Before making a lift, the operator needs to consider.

Clarified testing of rigging gear integral to the crane. Appendix M Editorial changes. Update to referenced standards.

Paragraph c Note 1 Clarification. Addition of maximum allowable increase in hook spread.

Load testing and inspection of overhead cranes is required by many safety regulations, national consensus More information. Paragraph Clarification, addition of 45 day maximum process length.

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