Navsea op 5 volume 1

If pre-approved ECM designs are used, the project site plan along with the drawing numbers of the ECM design must be submitted for approval. An individual summary page for each of the approved magazine designs is linked from Table 1. These items were generally designed for a particular application; however, as approved items, they can be used for other applications, providing all conditions, restrictions, design elements, etc. For additional information refer to the DoD Component-specific explosives safety documents and the DoD explosives safety manual referenced below. The steel arch of an ECM must be similarly joined to the reinforcing steel in the floor.

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When properly sited and constructed they are an effective protection against low angle fragments and for reducing shock overpressures near the barricade.

Site specific tailoring primarily involves adapting the foundation and the drainage system to suit local soil and site characteristics. The tables include information ovlume to the design of the magazines including size and maximum stowage capacity.

Ammunition & Explosive Magazines | WBDG Whole Building Design Guide

The information is intended to offer a general introduction into the design and approval of AE storage magazines. Reinforcing steel in the walls, floor, and roof must be electrically continuous to provide electrical bonding between the elements and produce a faraday-like shield. Other metal masses, such as ventilators, shall also be grounded and connected to a common earth electrode system such as a buried ground girdle.

Electronic drawing files in PDF format are also provided along with additional information, if available, including guide specifications, AutoCAD or Micro Station drawings that can be downloaded and tailored for site-specific conditions, DDESB approval letters, and other relevant data.

Ammunition & Explosive Magazines

It could also be a reinforced concrete box-type design. Skip to main content. Incoming utilities are installed to meet the material, installation, grounding, and lightning surge protection criteria. The steel arch of an ECM must be similarly voume to the reinforcing steel in the floor.

A minimum of 2 feet 24 inches of earth cover is required over the ECM. For additional information voluem DoD If ECM designs from this table are of interest to an activity as new construction, their use must be coordinated nagsea the DDESB to ensure acceptability prior to initiating a project. Arch —Also known as a circular arch.

Explosive safety standards that implement the DoD standards are contained in the following:. The arch can be constructed of steel, reinforced concrete, or a composite of both.

These items were generally designed for a particular application; however, as approved items, they can volue used for other applications, providing all conditions, restrictions, design elements, etc.

Arch, Semi-Circular —The sidewalls are elongated with the arch defined by a radius that originates approximately 3 to 5 feet above navea level. Reinforced concrete wingwalls on either side of the headwall. ECM designs fall within three basic structural hardness classifications; "7-Bar", "3-Bar" and "Undefined" depending upon the relative ability to resist blast loadings. Doors are designed to withstand the dynamic forces from an explosion in an adjacent AE storage facility, and are therefore, a critical element of an ECM design.

Its interior shape is similar to a Stradley ECM, except that the sidewalls and arch have the same thickness. The Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board DDESB has established uniform minimum AE safety standards for personnel and property that navses the potential of being exposed to the effects of an accidental explosion.

These design drawings may be used as the basis for new ECM designs, but they must not be constructed until they are updated to comply with current explosive safety requirements, current construction methods and criteria, and are reviewed and approved by the DDESB.

Earth cover over the top, sides, and rear of the ECM. Arch, Oval —This arch 55 in the shape of an oval, with the lower portion of each sidewall bowing in towards the direction of the centerline.

Siting restrictions, potential operational considerations, AE compatibility, and other considerations may also factor in the selection of the magazine.

Situations requiring approval include:. When required, internal electrical work and equipment must be rated for the hazardous environments expected within the ECM.

DoD explosive safety standards are contained in DoD In most cases, these designs have not been updated to satisfy current criteria.

Box —This term describes any Voume that has an internal box shape. A single radius is used to define the interior face of the arch, which may be constructed of reinforced concrete, steel corrugated, laminated, or single gageor a combination of reinforced concrete and steel to form a composite arch steel interior arch with overlying concrete. Minimum resistance valves apply. They are not designed to resist the damaging effects from an internal explosion, although they can effectively contain the effects from an explosion of very small AE quantities.

Table AP of TP identifies restrictions or conditions for the use of these magazines or containers.

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