Parque nacional huascaran

Entrance for several days for the Huascaran NP was 65soles pp and is valid for about 10 days or more. Huascaran is located in the High Andes and includes high plateaus of Puna grasslands, where 6, m peaks and glaciers form a globally notable mountainous region, including over glaciers , almost lakes and 41 tributaries of three important rivers: There are in general tons of options around Huaraz, depends on your fitness level and budget. You could hire the donkey for only 1 day until the first campsite so the first day could be easier for you. Very less vehicles pass this road.

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From Lima to Huaraz. If you go take a walk up the narrow valley to the left of the lake. Very less vehicles pass this road.

I am in love with it and feel the strength from within. It is the home of such species as the spectacled bear and the Andean condor. He took us up this god-awful dirt road to the mountaineering school that is just inside the park near glacier fronting the three mountains Vallunaraju, Ocshapalca and Rima Rima. A significant part of the remains of bygone cultures appears to have escaped looting, benefitting from remote locations and harsh environmental conditions in vast areas of the property.

The huaacaran boasts close to 25 walking trails and climbing paths, with different levels of difficulty.

Huascarán National Park - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The trekking is safe and easy to do by your own. The management of the property is to be guided by a Master Parqke and a local Committee to ensure participation of local communities.

The many communities near the property are growing, most importantly in the Callejon de Huaylas, an intensively used valley just West of Huascaran National Park. It can be expensive to get a taxi driver they have to stay there and wait for you.

I was on Santa Cruz trail and Huaacaran 69 inside the national park. This park offers very good hiking options in high altitudes.

Despite seemingly clear legislation banning all mineral resource extraction huasfaran national parks, there is not only interest in the resources but there are concessions within the property and plans for dam construction in the property. The future integrity of Huascaran National Park will depend on responses to threats to both the natural and cultural values of this extraordinary part of the High Andes. An overarching challenge requiring monitoring and preparedness are the quickly receding glaciers, the primary source of life in the property and livelihoods in the intensively used adjacent valleys.

De diepe ravijnen worden door tal van waterstromen van water voorzien. This renders it difficult to respond to the many challenges Huascaran faces. To this day there is strong seismic activity in the area, major earthquakes, such as inand serving as cruel reminders. Arequipa, Canyons and Volcanoes.

Huascaran National Park - Tour Huascaran's Peaks and Lagoons | Peru Travel

You can hire donkeys at the starting point Cashapampa to carry your things. Archaeological Site of Chavin. Moreover, there are noteworthy cave paintings, stone padque and countless artefacts.

Treking in Parque Nacional Huascaran. Among the rich flora, the famous Queen of the Andes, known for its colossal inflorescence, stands out. This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Also good for an acclimatizing hike without being too strenuous. parqye

Parque nacional Huascarán

Federico Sal y Rosas No Around plant species have been documented, the most famous being the endangered Queen of the Andes, parquw for its giant flower-spike. We get a 3 days pass there for 60 soles. You could hire the donkey for only 1 day until the first campsite so the first day could be easier for you.

Polylepis racemosaEscallonia resinosaHuasccaran acuminataSenna birostris, Vallea stipularisLupinus spp. The diverse fauna includes charismatic mammals and birds, such as Vicuna, Spectacled Bear and Puma, as well as the Andean Condor and the Giant Hummingbird.

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