Theremin schematic

Screw the snap's black lead into the other terminal and route the 9V battery snap outside the box. Be sure to check this one out for clear directions and excellent technical description. The instrument will operate with a battery as low as 5. Next, route all of the circuit's GND connections to the other pin and solder all wires to this pin. Both analog and digital models were built and are discussed on this site.

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How to Build a Theremin

The above link will take you to the files. Here we show a little Theremin module which plugs onto a Arduino Board that gives out the tune to a speaker or puts out the tune as control signal like MIDI, Servo etc. For those who don't know what a Theremin is, it's one of the tneremin synths ever made and it's named after his inventor, Mr.

Unlike a conventional Theremin which operates on two radio frequency oscillators, this Pocket Theremin consists of an oscillator and frequency divider that are manipulated by changes in light.

Connect the 9V battery to the battery snap. The inverters' propagation delays and output impedances are supply-dependent.

Build a Pocket Theremin on the Cheap | Popular Science

This filter attenuates the mixer's inaudible heterodyne sum products, leaving the audible difference, or "beat schemxtic product. In use, the potentiometer is adjusted by the player so that the theremin is silent with the hand furthest away from the antenna, and produces the lowest tone when the hand is at the maximum playing distance.

Also available are the technical notes Bob Moog wrote while working on her theremin. U1 sections A and B, in conjunction with R1, R2 and C1, form the theremin's variable oscillator that operates in a frequency range around 73kHz. An optical theremin using IR sensors to control pitch there,in octave instead of pitch and volume.

Theremin Schematics

We have added a voicing control, incorporated a larger loudspeaker and increased the power output. Fred shares with us an all tube theremin project - complete with sound files!

We've also changed the power supply to avoid problems with switchmode DC schemayic. He's graciously provided both a writeup with excellent technical information and schematics for his project.

Disassemble the metal split-level shielded box. DC is blocked schematoc the output by C7, with R10 limiting the output current to prevent damage to U1 and R11 preventing C7 from maintaining a residual charge after power is removed.

Theremin World member Adrian Bontenbal shared this article with us detailing how he built a transistor theremin inside a wooden wine box. Minimum Theremin Kit Schematic. Remember those spooky sound tracks theeremin s science fiction movies?

Although not obvious, a player is sufficiently "coupled" schemwtic earth via his or her surface area, which presents a large capacitance to earth's ground through "free space. Feel free to contribute!

He has graciously shared his schematic and several sample sound clips with us! This person designed and completed a theremin for a class project at CalTech.

With RV1 properly adjusted, the local oscillator's frequency will equal the variable oscillator's frequency with the hand furthest away from the antenna. Build an optical theremin out of LEGOs! Perfect for the hobbyist, for science fair projects, or for anyone who wants to scratch build a working theremin! This placement thereemin help you control the final sound effects with greater independence and dexterity.

Build a Pocket Theremin on the Cheap

A metal microphone stand, if used to mount the theremin, is suitable for this purpose. You can schematoc the volume of the speaker by adjusting the 5K potentiometer. It also adds therein "mute status" light which doubles as a power-on light. Two identical integrated circuits, U1 and U2, known as "hex schfmatic are used for the theremin's primary functions.

Just move your hands over the two CdS photocells for varying the frequency and pitch of your Pocket Theremin's output. Pierre has built a new tube theremin design based loosely on the RCA theremin. The MC is pin for pin compatible. The modular system consists of a RC or LC heterodyne oscillator module and a micro controller UP module with interface and supply circuits.

Robert George supplied this schematic for his Kustom theremin, originally based on the Moog Melodia theremin.

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