Vedic maths shortcuts

Multiplication and Division In other languages: Even if you are writing the calculations down, it is still much more efficient to do the multiplication above the Vedic way than using traditional long multiplication. You will see that it results in the same number. We then use the special case technique to multiply by which results in Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Vedic Mathematics/Techniques/Multiplication

As long as the initial subtraction results in numbers that are 'easier' to multiply it is a useful technique. Try shortcutts them mentally before reading through the working. Retrieved from " https: Try it now, multiply 95x93 in your head, try to visualise the procedure above. This is most simplest trick to multiply numbers using Vedic Mathematics. In this case that would be: So If both of the numbers you want to multiply are 'close' to one of these numbers i.


How to Do Vedic Math Shortcut Multiplication (with Pictures)

In fact you have already followed all the steps vedlc the many previous examples, the only additional steps are the ' proportionately calculations. Advantages of Vedic Maths includes calculations in fast way, Sharpens your mind, Generates interest in numbers. It works on concept of Working Base and then apply Nikhilam Sutra.

The next example involves a carry between the last two stages. Vedic Math can be used to multiply large numbers in a matter of seconds without using a calculator!

With practice you will become more confident when working with numbers and achieve a deeper understanding of arithmetic. The precise definition of 'closely related' is:. The ' residuals' are then found i. Even if you are writing the calculations down, it is still much more efficient to do the multiplication above the Vedic way than using traditional long multiplication. If you have one, it couldn't hurt to check your answer.

It is important to note this sign. Now add 1 to the first digit of the first number: Shortcust can see below that choosing the alternative proportionality i.

Multiplying by 15 can be broken down into a multiplication by 10 plus a multiplication by 5. Policies and guidelines Contact us. If you are interested in improving your mental arithmetic skills, learn to do this procedure in your head by visualising the numbers laid out as above.

Once this is done we continue as before; thus:.

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Matjs the Crosswise subtraction is performed taking account of the carry, resulting in giving a final answer of We are now ready to extend the multiplication technique described above to the most general case, i. Help answer questions Learn more. The same Vertically wise technique described above works for any numbers but it is particularly useful for numbers near a power of 10, i. We must convert this negative number by replacing it with it's 'compliment', i.

Vedic Mathematics Shortcuts and Tricks

Take a look at the following example: The final answer is the concatenation of the two parts giving If you practice this technique you will find you vedci do two digit multiplications without writing anything down.

So, proportional powers of 10 are 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, Thank You for cooperation. As you can see the multiplication in the second Vertically stage 3x4 results in 12, the 2 is written down and the 1 is carried. This is also true generally, i. This multiplication technique can be extended further to cover cases where one number is slightly above a power of 10 and one slightly below the same power of

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